Warung Pintar: Developing Indonesia’s Most Popular Micro Businesses

By : Nathalie Depari   Every Indonesian knows the word “warung”. Warung is an Indonesian word for ‘small kiosk’. These kiosks are very popular: the warung is a favorite place for many Indonesians, where they can purchase food or small daily goods and chat with other patrons. Located widely across cities and

How Tokenization Can Disrupt the Bond Market

By : Adrian Lai   Blockchain isn't just for coins, as World Bank proved in 2018 with the issuance of its tokenized bond. Now, as regulators examine the risks and rewards of tokenization, it's time to look at what tokenized bonds could mean for financial markets.   The World Bank has issued two tranches

Persuasion-Marketing 7 principles that alter how we make decisions

Robert Cialdini is a well known psychologist who wrote a book called Influence, in which he outlined 7 different principles of persuasion that can alter how we make decisions. We can see a lot of these principles in the everyday marketing we’re exposed to.     Reciprocity - “If I’m nice to


By Nayantara Bhat | Hobert Wai has fulfilled a number of diverse roles throughout his career: academic, scientist, and investor. One troubling observation that has followed him is the disparity in gender representation in the field of biotech, which has informed his approach to management and investment. Through adopting this lens,


We invited three founders who have gone through the Seed, A round, and B round fundraising process to share takeaways and lessons from their experiences.


By Sam Ameen | Betatron invests in promising startups, refines their business models and fast-tracks them to grow and scale over an intensive four-month period. Based in Hong Kong, Betatron is a network of investors, entrepreneurs, startups and mentors focused on empowering Founders. Through its platform, Betatron provides funding, hands-on support, and


Bringing about a healthier startup ecosystem through the Venture Capital Method   By Douglas Abrams | There’s an epidemic of overvaluation raging in Southeast Asia’s entrepreneurial community. It appears to be highly contagious, as most entrepreneurs I meet seem to be infected. Overvaluation is dangerous for startups and can even be fatal in extreme

The world’s first user-designed eyewear The eyewear industry is not as it would appear. Nine out of ten frames you reach for will be from the same manufacturer: Luxottica Group. Their near-monopoly on the designer eyewear space means those Ray Bans or Dior sunnies you saved up to purchase cost almost

“All our knowledge has its origin in our perceptions - Leonardo da vinci”   Price is merely a perception. Our brain remembers prices as either being high or low, rather than recalling specific numbers. It is therefore beneficial to your brand for people to perceive your price as low.   How can you

February 19, 2019 Garage Society Wan Chai, Hong Kong   Globally-renowned talent investor and venture firm Entrepreneur First (EF) showcased a total of 13 startups from Hong Kong and Singapore. The founders entered the EF program at a pre-company stage and spent six months building their products from the ground up.   EF Asia Managing

Stewart Butterfield is the founder of two widely successful startups – Flickr, sold to Yahoo for reportedly $35 million, and Slack, one of the most popular communication tools among the startup community. However, Stewart did not start with these lucrative ideas. In fact, these successes came into being from the


Is the Philippines Asia’s next technology tiger?   The Philippines has been a popular destination for foreign entities looking to enter emerging markets for the better part of the last two decades. Today, investors are increasingly inclined to allocate their resources to the country’s tech and innovation sector, and for a good


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