Uncovering the mythos of esports with Asia’s top teams   By Bertha Chiu | In 1972, a group of gamers gathered in Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence lab to play Spacewar, where the winner won a year’s subscription to Rolling Stone, their photo in said magazine, and the bragging rights that came with being


Generally speaking, the best way to build an app is to tap into your interests, passions, and expertise. That being said, creating a profitable or popular app may not always mesh with personal preferences. When you’re approaching app development from a more entrepreneurial standpoint, it can pay to think about

How access to nutrition information is changing the way we make decisions about our health   By Walter Oh | We now live in a world where with a few taps on our phones, we can find out how we should dress for the day, how much a spontaneous trip to Europe

San Diego is a diverse community of people and talent. Typically known as destination for tourism, food, beer and over 70 miles of beaches, San Diego also thrives as a startup hub. The startup community includes high-tech,  biotech,  cleantech,  research,  medicine and defense industries. A growing segment of the startup scene


Tell us about Thin Ice, how did this project come about? Thin Ice is the very first, technology-enhanced weight-loss clothing line. It’s embedded with specialized cooling technology that tricks the body into thinking it is in a cold environment. The body response by revving up and generating more heat leading to

By Kristy Castleton | Holograms, Virtual Reality, mixed reality, artificial intelligence, wearables, gesture control, chatbots, the list goes on. Event technology has been developing at an overwhelming pace the last decade, offering us a plethora of options when planning an event. While it is tempting to put them all together in


By Dr Li Xu, Co-founder & CEO of SenseTime | Sensetime was set up in 2014, and is China’s largest artificial intelligence (AI) unicorn focused on computer vision and deep-learning technologies. Prof Xiao’ou Tang and a team of 10 scientists and engineers including myself are the Co-founders. Headquartered in Hong

By Grace Ko | The Internet has become a new arena of our lives, for everything from shopping to socialising. As the online world blurs into the real one, augmented reality (AR) has made it possible for us to appreciate art in a virtual space, and a groundbreaking new app has

Crowdfunding seems to be a hot topic these days - you hear about it all the time, but chances are you might not know exactly what it is. According to the Oxford Dictionary, crowdfunding is by definition “the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts

Chatbots are useful for a growing number of use cases. But you shouldn’t invest in one if it is not going to work for you. So, let’s discuss some use cases and industries. With messengers, there is an opportunity to create valuable direct touch points with customers. However, as customers continue

Interview with Aurélien Menant, Co-founder and CEO of GateCoin, a Hong Kong-based regulated digital currency exchange that offers payment infrastructure as a service leveraging the blockchain. GateCoin was founded in 2013, launched in 2015 and has grown to a team of 10 at the time of the interview. Most recently, they

By Ashley Galina Dudarenok | ALIBABA founder Jack Ma brought up the concept of New Retail at the 7th Alibaba Computing Conference 2016. New Retail aims to merge online and offline retail, and use adequate information and Big Data technology to enhance customers’ shopping experience. New Retail – backed

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