May 29, 2019 Shangri-La Hotel Singapore   Technology, one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting sectors, continues to be blighted by one disheartening issue: where are all the women? Coming to Singapore for the first time, the Women in IT Awards Asia 2019 will bring together 300 attendees to tackle the issue


ORII is a smart ring that allows you to quickly send and receive audio messages or calls. What’s exciting about the device is that you’re able to hear the audio by gently pressing on your tragus–situated in front of the opening the ear canal–with the finger that’s wearing the ring.   The


Getting a fair return as a musician and a fan   It is notoriously difficult for aspiring artists to break into the music industry. Even if they do manage to sign a record deal, they are often the last to see profits–after advertisers, publishers, licensees, talent agencies, and many others have


Considering starting out as an Entrepreneur? Deciding which business model is for you? Some of the business options are mainstream business, social business, and fair trade. The mainstream for-profit business model, operating more or less the same in most capitalist societies, is based on the principles of maximizing profits for investors. Apart


By Keina Chiu | We're Not Kitten Around when we say you can now collect, breed, and trade cats via blockchain. Powered by the Ethereum network, CryptoKitties is the ultimate 3-in-1 combo of crypto, gaming, and art for anyone who’s looking to deploy blockchain technology for rearing and trading virtual cats. In


By Faridah Wu | Every six months, vikings will step onto the battlefield to clash. Only one will emerge victorious. These aren’t real vikings, of course, but entrepreneurs hoping to win a prestigious spot in the Vikingcubator program organized by NHST Media Group, which noticed a need for media-related startups in Asian


The world’s first user-designed eyewear The eyewear industry is not as it would appear. Nine out of ten frames you reach for will be from the same manufacturer: Luxottica Group. Their near-monopoly on the designer eyewear space means those Ray Bans or Dior sunnies you saved up to purchase cost almost

Tell us about SunPort! SunPort is a device that allows anyone to plug in and use solar power out of the grid, without needing to own solar panels. I does this by measuring how much power you take from the wall and matching it to solar credits that come from real

“All our knowledge has its origin in our perceptions - Leonardo da vinci”   Price is merely a perception. Our brain remembers prices as either being high or low, rather than recalling specific numbers. It is therefore beneficial to your brand for people to perceive your price as low.   How can you

Stewart Butterfield is the founder of two widely successful startups – Flickr, sold to Yahoo for reportedly $35 million, and Slack, one of the most popular communication tools among the startup community. However, Stewart did not start with these lucrative ideas. In fact, these successes came into being from the


Crowdfunding seems to be a hot topic these days - you hear about it all the time, but chances are you might not know exactly what it is. According to the Oxford Dictionary, crowdfunding is by definition “the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts

Bringing about a healthier startup ecosystem through the Venture Capital Method   By Douglas Abrams | There’s an epidemic of overvaluation raging in Southeast Asia’s entrepreneurial community. It appears to be highly contagious, as most entrepreneurs I meet seem to be infected. Overvaluation is dangerous for startups and can even be fatal in extreme

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