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Uncovering the mythos of esports with Asia’s top teams   By Bertha Chiu | In 1972, a group of gamers gathered in Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence lab to play Spacewar, where the winner won a year’s subscription to Rolling Stone, their photo in said magazine, and the bragging rights that came with being

Generally speaking, the best way to build an app is to tap into your interests, passions, and expertise. That being said, creating a profitable or popular app may not always mesh with personal preferences. When you’re approaching app development from a more entrepreneurial standpoint, it can pay to think about

How access to nutrition information is changing the way we make decisions about our health   By Walter Oh | We now live in a world where with a few taps on our phones, we can find out how we should dress for the day, how much a spontaneous trip to Europe

“All our knowledge has its origin in our perceptions - Leonardo da vinci”   Price is merely a perception. Our brain remembers prices as either being high or low, rather than recalling specific numbers. It is therefore beneficial to your brand for people to perceive your price as low.   How can you

What goes up must come down.   We’ve all heard that saying before, but no one says: What goes down must come up. But we all experience this as entrepreneurs, as business goes up one year and down another. The sales process is going well one day and not so well the

THREE WAYS TO INCORPORATE WELLNESS RITUALS INTO YOUR LIFE USING DIGITAL TOOLS   By Jaslyn Koh | Most of us can identify with having a new year resolution that aligns with health and fitness, but life frequently gets in the way. We get busy with work, family, and social commitments. We travel.

I never wanted to start my own business. I was never interested in marketing or business and preferred to hang out with the Development Studies and Education students during my university days. With a front-row view of the stress and full-on commitment some of my relatives took on when they

Three years seems to be the magical number, if magical means cursed. It’s well-known as the point when 90% of startups close, but it’s not for the reason you might expect.   Three years ago we started Origami Labs while seated in the back row of Hong Kong University of Science and

ELEVATING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND AS AN ENTREPRENEUR By Tracy Ho | Personal branding is a strategic concept. It’s about creating and taking control of the ideal perception a person wants others to have of them. “Branding is not my priority” is something we often hear in the startup community. I hold

CHANNEL YOUR INNER MIXOLOGIST AND IMPRESS GUESTS THIS YEAR AS YOU ENTERTAIN WITH ARTISANAL COCKTAILS AND MOCKTAILS   Non-alcoholic | HIBISCALADE Ingredients Full lemon cut into small wedges 2 ½ tsp of Okinawa black sugar 1 Hibiscus and rosehip tea bag Soda water to serve Preparation Brew tea bag for 3 minutes Muddle lemon with

A UNIQUE PATH TOWARDS DIGITAL PAYMENT TRANSFORMATION IN ASIA’S EMERGING MARKETS   By Paul Leishman | The transformation of payment practices in emerging Asia is underway. Let’s take a closer look at what and who is driving this change.   Most people in countries like Indonesia, India, and the Philippines do not use credit

A SECONDARY SCIENCE TEACHER’S PERSPECTIVE ON EDTECH   By Isabella Liu | I am educated in Canada and have been working abroad since I graduated from the University of Toronto. As a science educator, I aim to create a sense of wonder in the world amongst my students. I am a firm

How startups can manage and prove their cash flow in 2019   By Kevin Kang | Startups live and die by their cash. According to a recent CB Insights study of 101 startup failures, running out of cash is the second biggest reason why startups fail, ahead of having the wrong team,

The finances of any organization are extremely important, as they will be necessary to fund the current operations and future growth. At the same time, they are always vulnerable due to theft and fraud.  Consequently, it is essential that all organizations find ways to better secure their finances. Several processes

What we can expect as proptech matures in the Asia Pacific region     By Quek Wee Siong | Proptech is the application of technology in the real estate industry value chain, where the intention is to integrate disruptive solutions and enhance productivity. The spectrum encompasses property management using digital dashboards, research and

Hacking Millenial hiring in the Digital Age   By Weiting Tan | The rise of the digital age has brought unparalleled change to the modern workforce. Candidates now hold far more power, as the current job market is 90% candidate-driven, according to Management Recruiters International. Roles have essentially reversed–talents pick their employers,

How edtech is transforming the future of Indonesia’s workforce     By Zaneti Sugiharti | Education technology (edtech) presents opportunities for individuals from all walks of life. Emerging markets such as Indonesia shows great potential on the human capital side with its population of 265 million. The youth demographic, in particular, must equip

By Khadija Azhar | Cryptocurrency may attract divisive opinions, but it has played a pivotal role in pushing blockchain technology and its disruptive influence on the global economy to the forefront of our cultural discourse. Industries all over the world have forever been changed in the past few years, as

Dissecting the virtual influencer phenomenon   By Min Chen | For a society that frequently cautions against the humanization of robots, we sure are receptive to seeing them on our social feeds. Be it fascination or infatuation, there’s no denying that our relationship with computer-generated or virtual influencers is getting serious.   An early

  By Karen Reddington | In almost every industry and every region, disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics and blockchain are being hailed as game changers. Organizations, both big and small, are asking themselves about the opportunities and the risks.   At FedEx, we’re asking, “what are the right technologies that

What the transformation economy means for startups   By Min Chen | It seems like only yesterday that the business media was abuzz with talk about the experience economy–a system offering value to the consumer in the form of memories and Instagram posts rather than goods or services.   Not only is this concept

By Eric V. Holtzclaw | You’ve seen it before: the long form you must sign before participating in a potentially dangerous activity, the checkbox at the bottom of an end user agreement before you can use a new piece of software, the numerous documents that are part of every significant

Entrepreneurialism and cultural modernization among Chinese youth   By Stephany Zoo | When I started my first company I was an idiot. Certifiably so. I had no experience, had done no market research, and mostly just wanted to do something that was sexier. This was seven years ago. Now, five companies and

Social Entrepreneurialism and China Expansion with JUST, Inc. Founder Josh Tetrick   By Min Chen | Social impact has become as ubiquitous to startup strategy as growth hacking in recent years, where it’s now uncommon to come across a company that doesn’t boast a social responsibility initiative. Tracing back to the explosive

A leading digital agency tells you which trends to look out for     By Jason Wong | Working at an international digital agency, I’m constantly asked about what I think is the next big thing in the digital marketing space. My usual response is to go through what my team has been

Facilitating socioeconomic mobility in Indonesia through digitization with GO-JEK Founder Nadiem Makarim   By Min Chen | Proverbial warnings against the dark side of technology frequently point to how machines are gradually replacing parts of the workforce, rendering many vocations irrelevant and individuals, jobless. But this notion fails to account for instances

The journey towards greater cybersecurity begins with a single step     By Paul Hadjy | The arrival of advanced digital solutions through the Internet of Things (IoT) is the primary catalyst driving the Industry 4.0* metamorphosis across the Asia-Pacific region. This digital transformation is evident in the broader business environment, where 94%

Freshen up your workspace with a touch a greenery By Becky Gilmour & Lucy Gilmour   LEARN HOW TO MAKE A BEAUTIFUL MINI MACRAMÉ HANGER FOR YOUR FAVOURITE LITTLE PLANT the perfect way to breathe new life into your office or workspace in 2019. Steps Cut 4 x 150 cm lengths of Cotton String. Fold

Reconciling our on-again, off-again relationship with technology     By Nayantara Bhat | All too often in the middle of a social gathering, people will start to check their phones one-by-one, succumbing to the allure of their glowing screens like dominos. Relaxed evenings with friends frequently turn into a cycle of scrolling through

Finding purpose through social impact, from sainthood to entrepreneurialism     By Hei-Yue Pang | I used to want to be a professional Mother Teresa. In high school, I armed myself with government-addressed postcards demanding divestment from the Sudanese government. As a college student, I poured my free time into fundraising campaigns to