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Success for an early-stage VC firm is defined by the number of unicorns and exits in its portfolio, which is guided by choosing the right management team, and ability to evaluate market potential and the timing of an opportunity. However, VCs can’t merely rely on making the right pre-investment decisions

By Paul Matthews | The technological evolution of the computing sphere has expanded significantly in the past couple of years, with many new technologies merging to improve specific features of a particular application. Cloud computing is one big part of this evolution, given that hardware storage has become somewhat obsolete. Let's

Advice from a fellow working mom   All moms are multitasking masters, especially working moms. The word ‘efficiency’ gains a new definition after one experiences the difficulties of juggling between taking care of a family and developing, or just maintaining, a career. So, it is possible to have it all?   As a working

By Kaelyn Ha | With Hong Kong holding the world title for the most liberal economy, it comes as no surprise that many budding entrepreneurs choose to start their first venture in the city (2019 Index of Economic Freedom). The perk to setting up in Hong Kong is that foreigners

Generation Startup by Creative Breed   Generation Startup is a documentary film that follows a diverse group of college graduates and budding entrepreneurs launching startups in Detroit. The feature employs an intimate style of storytelling that’s meant to inspire. It opens with the message that economic innovation is at an all-time low

By Kevin Gardner | Are you expanding your team to the U.S.? As with hiring in any country, there is a lot of paperwork involved. Do you know what an employer identification number is? Do you know which forms to fill out? Here are some things you should keep in

Why Asia’s under-the-radar investors are putting money into tech startups   Those who haven’t heard the term ‘family office’ (FO) before may think it’s referring to some sort of service-oriented business run by a friendly mom-and-pop duo. Far from the quaint image this impression suggests, FOs control vast amounts of money on

Is the Philippines Asia’s next technology tiger?   The Philippines has been a popular destination for foreign entities looking to enter emerging markets for the better part of the last two decades. Today, investors are increasingly inclined to allocate their resources to the country’s tech and innovation sector, and for a good

Written by one of the most prominent Silicon Valley angel investors, Angel is a comprehensive overview and how-to guide for anyone who wants to dip their toes into the investment world. As the title suggests, Jason Calacanis boasts a 9-digit net worth after a string of early bets on startups

How this generation will change the workplace Millennials currently make up 30% of the workforce (New York Times). As baby boomers retire by the thousands, millennials are becoming leaders in every industry. However, just when many employers have figured out how to woo and keep millennials in the workplace, a whole

Saran Olsen, Managing Director at Gemini Trust Company, explains stablecoins and their potential to transform the way we conceptualize money.

We invited three founders who have gone through the Seed, A round, and B round fundraising process to share takeaways and lessons from their experiences.

Personal brand expert Tracy Ho delves into what it means to elevate one's brand equity.

Jumpstart spoke to four pioneering #designers transforming how products are made during the Brainstorm Design event during #Singapore Blockchain Week.

Joseph Huang, Managing Partner at Infinity Ventures, shares his thoughts about why Japan is the startup ecosystem to watch.

FedEx Asia-Pacific Director Karen Reddington explains the importance of personalization when it comes to logistics for SMEs.

By Felix Wong | Whether you are building the next startup unicorn or running a small business, a high-converting landing page is crucial for businesses at all stages. If you build it well, your landing page could eventually become your 24/7 salesperson. To be frank; there is no exact science

November 19, 2018 – April 12, 2019 UBS Office, Hong Kong   Founded in 1998 by Saint Louis University, the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) is a competition celebrating university students who have built valuable businesses. Through mentorship and other empowerment initiatives, the program emphasizes the importance of community in paving the way

“So, my idea

Where the only constant is change   By Théo Münch | The crowdfunding landscape is incredibly dynamic. It’s an industry unlike any other, born out of need and built up by creativity. During my time working as a crowdfunding consultant, I’ve seen campaigns for everything from a potato salad to an Emmy-nominated documentary.

From crowdfunding to a community   By Kevin Johan Wong, CEO and Co-Founder, Origami Labs   The journey from Kickstarter to fully launching the ORII smart ring has been a long, winding, and arduous one. Almost two years after the launch of our Kickstarter campaign, we’re finally just a few days away from the

February 19, 2019 Garage Society Wan Chai, Hong Kong   Globally-renowned talent investor and venture firm Entrepreneur First (EF) showcased a total of 13 startups from Hong Kong and Singapore. The founders entered the EF program at a pre-company stage and spent six months building their products from the ground up.   EF Asia Managing

When I was handed The Crowdsourceress, I couldn’t help but smirk. As a digital marketing professional with five crowdfunding campaigns under my belt, I was skeptical. I put off reading it for as long as I could and even misplaced the book (don’t tell my editor). But when I did

March 5, 2019 Hong Kong Convention Center   Asia-based accelerator Zeroth.ai celebrated its fourth cohort (#Z04) with a jam-packed Demo Day of 15 startups who pitched to investors and the media. The AI-focused program opened its doors in Hong Kong in 2017, and has grown every year with Founding Partner Tak Lo and

Why Vietnam is Asia’s startup ecosystem to watch   By Kevin Tung Nguyen | Vietnam’s startup ecosystem is still relatively new compared to other markets, yet its growth potential is second to none. The country’s rapid economic expansion, coupled with its tech-savvy and increasingly educated population, provides startups with strong market demand

Japanese entrepreneurs engaging in action, also known as Sido, in an exercise led by Aki Koto of WiL. The group learns through engagement during the multiple week Silicon Valley program.   You may only have one shot at innovation: How to apply learnings from both ends of the map   By Aki Koto |

The world’s first user-designed eyewear The eyewear industry is not as it would appear. Nine out of ten frames you reach for will be from the same manufacturer: Luxottica Group. Their near-monopoly on the designer eyewear space means those Ray Bans or Dior sunnies you saved up to purchase cost almost

By Andy Lau | The promise of the paper-free office has not materialized, mainly because organizations still rely on paper-based documents, which is unlikely to change in the near future. However, the way businesses work with documents has changed. Most organizations take a hybrid approach, where paper-based documents are scanned

January 21 - 25,  2019 Hong Kong Convention Center   Organized annually by the Hong Kong government’s innovation arm InvestHK, the StartmeupHK Festival brought together over 8,000 participants and 200 speakers to showcase the city’s latest innovation coming out of the city. The week-long festival was packed with an impressive lineup of industry

ORII is a smart ring that allows you to quickly send and receive audio messages or calls. What’s exciting about the device is that you’re able to hear the audio by gently pressing on your tragus–situated in front of the opening the ear canal–with the finger that’s wearing the ring.   The