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Exploring the implications of using genetic genealogy in law enforcement    By Khadija Azhar   Between 1974 and 1986, a paralyzing fear chipped away at the veneer of tranquility surrounding suburban California and settled into its picturesque neighborhoods. While the Visalia Ransacker burgled and stalked, the East Area Rapist stunned Sacramento County with a

New Dimensions in Hong Kong’s Fintech Space

Hong Kong Fintech Week returned in 2019 with an action-packed and insightful program   By Nayantara Bhat   Hong Kong Fintech Week opened for its 2019 show on November 4, with a five-day program packed with informative conferences, influential speakers, and thought leaders from across the globe.   While the conference was held from November 6

The most affordable smart stylus on the market   By Min Chen   Advancements in hardware have transformed the digital art space, allowing a new medium for illustrators and designers. However, like most new technologies, accessibility is an issue, where many creatives and hobbyists can’t afford the necessary tools.    SonarPen Founder Elton Leung wanted to

The summer program is back with another fun-filled week   By Kelly Cho   Jumpstart Kids is a non-profit summer program that teaches kids aged eight to 12 about innovation and entrepreneurship through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math). The third edition took place from July 22 to 26, and was led by 13

New technologies are opening the doors to gamer paradise   By Nayantara Bhat   Most players in the FIFA World Cup don’t have the luxury of taking a short fishing break mid-game to decompress. But when one is competing in the virtual world, it’s possible to indulge in a couple of minutes on the

Hannibal Buress talks tech investing, Melvina Masterminds, and the process of discovery   By Min Chen   They’re rich, they’re famous, and they work harder than you–we’re talking about the celebrities who are turning to the tech world to grow their already-impressive personal wealth. Ashton Kutcher, Jay Z, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jared Leto are

July 27, 2019   MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node   By Jasmine Alberts   In a push to reinvent education in Hong Kong, former HKSAR Financial Secretary John Tsang founded Esperanza, launching the Reimagine Education Challenge as a first initiative. The overall aim is to provide startups focusing on education solutions–be it a product, service, or

Science fiction versus our reality in 2069   By Chibo Tang   It’s the year 2015. People are wearing size-adjustable clothes, teens are zipping around on hoverboards alongside flying cars, and families are gathering around rehydrated pizza for dinner. In the 80s, this scene was our view of the future.    In the last decade, self-lacing

By Wing Lee   In recent years, much of the world’s innovation is taking place beyond Silicon Valley. China in particular has transformed itself from being “the world’s factory” to becoming a hub for new ideas and a leader in technology and innovation.    So how exactly is innovation being practiced in China and

The Case for Privacy Compliance

  The importance of approaching customer consent and privacy requests holistically    By Eric V. Holtzclaw   Rooted in increased regulation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and general customer backlash, there is a growing emphasis on collecting consent and ensuring the privacy of customer data.

The Race Towards Autonomy

A promising start but the finish line still some miles away   By Martin Tonko   There was a time when automakers worldwide were pushing the boundaries of how quickly they could realize autonomous driving technology. Various prototypes were developed and tested. Will autonomous cars have a steering wheel? Will the driver and front

The greatest barrier for people in terms of starting their own business is that they are never sure what to sell or what market to enter. Although this might seem trivial, finding the right market or niche could be the deciding factor as to whether you make it and thrive

Dr. BJ Fogg from Stanford University (establishing authority here!) has a model for driving behavioral changes.    The Fogg Behavior Model   Under the Fogg model, for someone to take an action, three elements must come together: Motivation to take the action (I want to do it) The ability to take the action (I

RISE Conference 2019

July 8 - 11, 2019    Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre    By Khadija Azhar   RISE, Asia’s largest tech conference, convened for its fifth edition this summer, bringing together some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and investors to discuss the effects of tech on business and society. Along with the more than 16,000 attendees,

The Product Development Process

By Emile Chan   Screens are all around us. From our computers to TVs to smartphones, screens have become an unavoidable part of our life, and with good reason. A screen can be an empowering tool that helps with productivity, staying connected when out and about, and multitasking. But they can also

What initial public offerings mean to Hong Kong startups By Wong Mang Wo Jonathan   Business expansion is essential for many startups, and there are often two steps in achieving the goal: raising capital and building a stronger brand. Initial public offerings (IPOs) are often considered a conducive strategy; however, there are several

What is Machine Learning? By Annie LUI On Ni   Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.  Machine learning algorithms are

What is Bitcoin? By Annie LUI On Ni   Bitcoin (₿) is a cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.    Transactions are verified by network nodes through cryptography and

Strengthening the Core

How digital innovation made SWEAT into a fitness empire   By Min Chen   Anyone who has searched for fitness content online knows Kayla Itsines. In 2018, TIME Magazine named her as among the ‘25 Most Influential People on the Internet.’ But to say that Itsines is a fitness trainer wouldn’t be doing justice

Climbing to the Top

How clear goal-setting and efficient strategizing defined Commons Workshop in the crowded co-working market   By : Jason Yiu    With world-class panoramic views of Victoria Harbour and industrial-style décor (think exposed ceilings and wooden furniture), Commons Workshop is 5,000 square feet co-working space designed to entice ambitious and visionary entrepreneurs.   A newcomer among established

By Can Nguyen   What is a cap table, you ask? Short for ‘capitalization table,’ it represents all transactions involving a company’s ownership, including stock issuances, sales, transfers, cancellations, conversions of debt to equity, and exercises of options. As a company takes on more investments, its cap table can become very complicated,

U.S. IP Basics for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

By : Katherine (Tori) Lutz   Whether you’re an innovator who’s been running a company for a long time or is looking to become a first-time entrepreneur, it is essential to be informed about intellectual property (IP) law. Getting familiar with IP law basics can save you time, significant amounts of money,

Chapter 05: 5 Effective Calls-to-Action For Your Landing Page

By Felix Wong | When was the last time you subscribed to an email newsletter? Joined the waiting list for a new product? Downloaded a new application? All of these actions were likely driven by an irresistible call-to-action (CTA).   What is a call-to-action?   A call-to-action is an important part of landing pages,

Warung Pintar: Developing Indonesia’s Most Popular Micro Businesses

By : Nathalie Depari   Every Indonesian knows the word “warung”. Warung is an Indonesian word for ‘small kiosk’. These kiosks are very popular: the warung is a favorite place for many Indonesians, where they can purchase food or small daily goods and chat with other patrons. Located widely across cities and

How Tokenization Can Disrupt the Bond Market

By : Adrian Lai   Blockchain isn't just for coins, as World Bank proved in 2018 with the issuance of its tokenized bond. Now, as regulators examine the risks and rewards of tokenization, it's time to look at what tokenized bonds could mean for financial markets.   The World Bank has issued two tranches

Persuasion-Marketing 7 principles that alter how we make decisions

Robert Cialdini is a well known psychologist who wrote a book called Influence, in which he outlined 7 different principles of persuasion that can alter how we make decisions. We can see a lot of these principles in the everyday marketing we’re exposed to.     Reciprocity - “If I’m nice to

Gymnastics by Alexey Lantsev, Lo Gallery, Russia, Room 4119-2

DISCOVER ARTISTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD AT THE 15TH ASIA CONTEMPORARY ART SHOW   An intimate art journey featuring new works by 220+ artists and 60+ galleries     Hong Kong, August 15, 2019: Returning this Fall with its 15th edition, the Asia Contemporary Art Show at the Conrad Hong Kong opens on October 4 until

By : Kelly Cho   Greenhouse co-founders Drew Calin and Vicknesh R. Pillay met in business school and found that they were both enamored with the co-working movement. They were also passionate about market mobility, especially within Southeast Asia (SEA), so they decided to combine the two and create one solution for

Tech in Asia Jakarta

By : Khadija Azhar   October 8 - 9, 2019   Jakarta Convention Center   If you want to position yourself at the forefront of the tech-fueled economic boom that Southeast Asia seems to be edging toward, head on over to Jakarta to join the two-day Tech In Asia Conference in October. With its three previous

By : Andrew George   Artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive the future of personalized learning    Are you paying attention? Every student has heard the question. Now, imagine if a teacher no longer had to ask. Thanks to an electroencephalography-enabled (EEG) headband system from BrainCo, which is currently being tested in Chinese classrooms,