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ubie fundraise

Tokyo-based healthtech startup Ubie aims to become a ‘search engine for healthcare’   By Sharon Lewis   Tokyo-based artificial intelligence (AI) healthtech startup Ubie has raised JPY 2 million (US$18.7 million) in a Series B round of financing, according to a statement released by the company yesterday.   The fresh funding was raised from Japanese pharmaceutical

social media roi

By James Saward-Anderson   One of the most common reservations that are heard when speaking to marketing managers at B2B (business-to-business) companies or business leaders looking to target clients on social media comes from a lack of understanding over how to quantify success.   This problem can quickly be resolved when you remember the


By Anagha Nair   Alley’s virtual panel on ‘Building a Strong Company Culture’ provided CEOs and leaders of startups and companies with insight on creating, enhancing, and maintaining their unique company culture.    Alley is a community of entrepreneurs and corporate partners who use novel ideas and technology to influence the entrepreneurial ecosystem positively.

regional stop

By Joshua Lin   With many countries loosening their Covid-19 restrictions, the timing is perfect for startups that are ready to look beyond our borders. As a Singapore-based startup fresh off a 9-month incubation program, we were on the radar of VCs, but not enough for them to commit to investing with


ChargeSPOT has shown “encouraging result in terms of the speed of penetrating different markets and amount of funds we have raised”, says Co-Founder and CEO   By Sharon Lewis   Hong Kong-based power bank sharing service ChargeSPOT will be closing its Series C funding round at US$38 million (HK$300 million) this month, the company

TechCity Connect

By Nayantara Bhat   Dublin-based marketing agency and event organizer, ditto, boasts a full calendar of online events and webinars, and TechCity Connect was its most ambitious undertaking yet. With 12 tracks, including regulation, remote working, digital transformation, and smart cities, the event welcomed 2,500 attendees and 42 speakers for a full

SEO Tools

These cost-effective tools will kickstart your SEO strategy and take your business to the next level.   By Jenora Vaswani   Whether you’re just getting started with search engine optimization or are a whizz at rankings, the sheer variety of available SEO tools can make your head spin. From organic traffic tracking to third-party


The best manufacturers are on board with your startup's needs   By Jared Haw   In today’s fast-paced startup environment, founders typically leverage the services and knowledge of a few key partners to launch and grow their companies. For a product-based company, like a hardware startup, one underutilized partner is the manufacturer. This gap


The fourth-generation heirs to the Chicks legacy open up about their transformative journey   By SHARON LEWIS   Alicia and Jennifer Tam had no plans to join or run their family business, Hong Kong-based lifestyle brand Chicks. Despite being heirs to a decades-old legacy, they were never pressured by their parents to take over


By Min Chen   A leader’s competency is often only revealed during times of crisis–a test that political and business leaders around the world have been grappling with since the Covid-19 outbreak. Making difficult decisions with limited information is but one challenge for those in such a position to overcome. Doing so

market bubbles

Smaller market bubbles have ‘popped’ up in the current market   By Sharon Lewis   Today, tulips can be purchased for a handful of dollars. The value they were traded at in the early 1600s, however, could be enough to put you through an Ivy League B-School four times.   Tulip Mania refers to a speculative


Stablecoins in a nutshell: subverting fiat currency by relying on it.   By Monika Ghosh   Stablecoins aspire to achieve the functions of traditional money without relying on confidence in an issuer—such as a central bank—to stand behind the "money." - Lael Brainard   A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency whose value is pegged to a real


With solutions like Shopify, you can own and run a dropshipping ecommerce store without investing in inventory or a dedicated logistics chain   By Monika Ghosh   The global pandemic has accelerated digitization and boosted ecommerce, as consumers move online to make purchases in the interest of maintaining social distancing.    According to a survey conducted

New webinars

Our weekly roundup of new webinars so you can stay updated with the latest trends in the world of business   By Sharon Lewis   Remote working, the new normal, and virtual work continue to trend across the world months after the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a global emergency.   Businesses are undergoing a period of

healthy products for kids

Bringing comfort, cleanliness, and nature back into kids' products   By Monika Ghosh   As a parent, you're incessantly worried about your child's well-being and safety. From ensuring your children are eating enough vegetables for proper nutrition, to keeping them away from harmful or toxic chemicals, keeping your children safe and away from harm

Digital Week Online

Key takeaways from Digital Week Online's expert-led online events   By Monika Ghosh and Sharon Lewis   Uvecon.VC, Invest Show, and ECIDE organized 'Digital Week Online' this week, starting on Monday. The show is a free global innovation, investments, and technology conference, headlined by 48 hours of non-stop online conference on the second and

Ping An Global Voyager Fund

This is Ping An Global Voyager Fund’s second investment in 2020   By Sharon Lewis   Berlin-based digital dentistry platform PlusDental has raised about $35.5 million (EUR 32 million) from Ping An Global Voyager Fund, the fintech and healthtech investment arm of Chinese conglomerate Ping An Insurance Group, the Group announced in a statement


The funds will help expand GoBear’s financial services   By Sharon Lewis   Singapore-headquartered financial services platform GoBear has raised $17 million from existing backers Dutch venture capital firm Walvis Participaties and Dutch multinational corporation Aegon N.V., the startup announced in a statement yesterday.   The funding will be used to drive GoBear’s development as a

ecommerce platform

By Plato Wai   Now more than ever, anything that is done offline can be done faster and more efficiently online–be it completing a course or finding a pair of limited edition sneakers.   Against this backdrop, companies are scrambling to build an online presence. Whether you already have an offline store and getting

Ola Electric

Ola Electric to leverage Etergo’s design and engineering capabilities to build its smart electric two-wheeler for International and Indian markets   By Monika Ghosh   Ola Electric Mobility Pvt Ltd, the Electric Vehicles (EV) subsidiary of Indian ride-hailing startup Ola, announced on Wednesday the acquisition of Amsterdam-based Etergo, an electric scooter Original Equipment Manufacturer


Highlighting the big-name foodtech trends that are attracting big money   By Tanisha Lele   The food and beverage industry is transforming expeditiously. As a result, several new trends have rapidly risen up, creating the demand for innovative young companies and products.   Today's consumers have certain unbendable demands and high standards that they refuse to

family offices

In conversation with Aradhna Dayal, CIO of Regal Ford (Asia) and Founder and CEO of Access Alts Asia   By Monika Ghosh   Counter to the world of flashy VC firms and high-profile tech events, the network of family offices around the Asia-Pacific region is relatively private, and hidden from the public eye.   Family offices

Cogent Labs

Cogent Labs to use latest funds for product enhancement and overseas expansion   By Monika Ghosh   Japanese AI startup Cogent Labs announced the completion of its Series C funding round of US$20.2 million, in a press statement released yesterday.   According to the statement, the startup raised funding from a major global bank through third-party


Qupital has entered into a strategic partnership with LianLian Global, China’s leading digital services and payments provider for cross-border e-commerce sellers. QiaoYiDai (桥易贷), the latest fintech product jointly developed by Qupital and LianLian Global, will provide pioneering, data-based offshore USD financing services to LianLian Global’s extensive network of e-commerce customers.   Solving

photography industry

Here’s what it means for you   By Evgeny Tchebotarev   At the end of 1999, with snow falling outside an apartment located in a quiet part of Moscow, a 14-year-old boy was patiently waiting in front of a boxy, beige monitor–the unblinking eye of the Photoshop 5.5 splash screen staring back at him.

juicy chemistry

With the latest funds, Juicy Chemistry's valuation has risen to US$2.5 million, according to the startup   By Monika Ghosh   Coimbatore, India-based organic skincare startup Juicy Chemistry has raised US$650,000 from Amit Nanavati, an Angel investor and Founding Partner of VC firm Akya Ventures, according to a company statement. Veda Corp acted as


Understanding why startups need accounting, what are some of the common mistakes, and how to avoid them   By Monika Ghosh   As a new entrepreneur, you are probably working endlessly on developing your product, preparing investment pitches, finding a technical co-founder, and chasing suppliers or customers. Accounting may not be a task of


The US-based business made its first global leap with a plunge into the Hong Kong market.   By Tanisha Lele   San Francisco-based digital personal finance company SoFi announced its first successful expansion into the international market with its acquisition of Hong Kong-based investment app 8 Securities. The company did not disclose any financial


Legal professionals' advice for venturing into the murky realm of SexTech   By Heung Kit Leslie Chung and Arthur Au   The fledgling field of sex-related technological development is one that few companies try to tackle. Although there is little regulation specifically tackling SexTech, it lies at the intersection of several tricky zones, including

big data

Following the investment, big data firm NHN owns a 60% stake in Audiens parent company Bango Deep.   By Sharon Lewis   Customer data and audience management platform Audiens has bagged a US$8 million (GBP 6.5 million) strategic cash investment from South Korea-based big data business NHN Corp, the company announced in a statement