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9 Tips for eCommerce Websites 

By : Killian Kostiha   The ecommerce market is maturing. In Hong Kong, the ecommerce revenue is expected to grow by 8.9% in 2019 compared to 2018, according to Statista. Tools that can help brands to create and improve their e-shop is expanding.   All-in-one ecommerce companies are also entering the market, which makes

Startup BFF

By : Khadija Azhar   Ideas don’t hold much stand-alone importance if entrepreneurs don’t possess the ability to execute them to fruition. According to Launchgarage CEO Jay Fajardo (pictured), these abilities can be cultivated through collaborative efforts with industry peers. After all, it isn’t only the ideators that lay the foundations of a

By Kuma Chow   Growing efforts in disability-focused technologies are bearing fruit   My mom opened my eyes to the difficult world of wheelchair users. Her last months were spent on a bulky wheeled device, which was as restrictive as it was assistive.    Two years after her cancer diagnosis, our family became aware that she

Shifting Mindsets of Chinese Consumers on Sustainable Fashion

By Sarah Garner   The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world, second only to oil. In recent years, this has been one of the more prevalent catalysts thrusting the world of resale into the spotlight.    The fashion resale market is exploding, and has grown 21 times faster than

By : Gloria So   It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there according to Adam Smith and most of the workforce in Asia. In order for you to succeed, it is important to out-smart your competitor, offer more and more innovative products and ideas, and set up your business to scale. After all,

By : Sabrina Wang   May 29, 2019 Shangri-La Hotel Singapore    Fourteen outstanding women, chosen from over 250 nominations, were unveiled as winners of the first-ever Women in IT Awards Asia. Organized by Information Age, this flagship and high-profile event was the first in Asia that brought together business and tech leaders to highlight

Chapter 04_ The 5-step Landing Page Prototype Guide

By : Felix Wong   A prototype is an important milestone in the landing page creative process that bridges design and development. This step includes a design overview, user experience analysis, feasibility testing, and more, and is important for building an optimized final product.   The prototyping process is not linear, and each process

South Summit 2019

By : Kelly Cho South Summit 2019 is Spain’s leading innovation platform. Powered by IE University, it aims at connecting the most disruptive startups with the most influential investors and corporations around the world.    The summit is full of prestigious international business leaders and successful entrepreneurs. Attendees will meet Paul Misener, Vice

Falling into Bad Data

By : Mike Davie   Why entrepreneurs must educate themselves on the risks of the data economy   In this new information-driven economy, a lack of appreciation for transparent data begins to look less like calculated risk and more like carelessness. With our systems and organizations becoming increasingly data-reliant due to breakthroughs in areas

Fast-Track Accelerators

By : Khadija Azhar   While many of us saw the proliferation of social media platforms as a leap forward in global connectivity, Jamie Lin (pictured) had already foreseen the threat that the conquest of software could pose to Taiwan’s hardware-reliant economy.    Hardware commodification could very likely push many of its industries into

By : Earthero Project   At one point or another, we’ve all learned about the ‘3 Rs’–Reduce, Reuse, Recycle– but many of us still don’t know how to put these guidelines into action. While most people have a general sense of what the 3 Rs mean, we’re due for a quick recap

By : Min Chen   May 9, 2019   Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Hong Kong   Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide (FEW), an O2O community that works to empower female business leaders and entrepreneurs, brought together a group of exceptional founders and the city’s leading tech editors to explore the topic of tech journalism. Before taking a seat in

I, Robot

By : Lee Zheng   How the Internet of Things will free us   Salvador Dalí, in his home on the Costa Brava, installed a unique feature: a mirror mounted at a specific angle on the wall of his bedroom. It wasn’t so he could see himself in the morning, brush his teeth at

The Truth Behind Facebook Libra

There’s more to Facebook’s game-changing crypto project than meets the eye   By Adrian Lai   Facebook’s recent announcement of their foray into digital assets shook the world, but there’s more to Libra than just cryptocurrency.    What is Libra Coin?   There are over 1.7 billion people worldwide who are unbanked or have improper access to banking

By : Elizabeth Ching   While going on a business trip may at first sound like a dream (i.e. an all-expenses paid break from the office, with a side of meetings), anyone who frequently travels for work can describe the other side of the story.      According to Business Traveller, 36% of those on

The Trust Economy: How digital technology is transforming trust and creating social and business innovation

By : Kelly Cho   If you are in any way familiar with business building, then you have probably asked or been asked: What is the core of your business? How do you differentiate yourself from competitors? What value does this product provide? Now, would you believe it if someone told you

By Jason Yiu   All too often, marketers face a situation where, having written a great piece of content about a product or service is, it ends up with low engagement and even lower conversion rates. In short, it hasn’t helped sales at all.    If this sounds familiar, it may be because the

Hong Kong International Entrepreneur’s Festival 2019

By : Khadija Azhar   April 16, 2019   Harbour Grand Hotel, Hong Kong   Organized by Brightway and China Internet Development Foundation, the 2019 edition of the Hong Kong International Entrepreneur’s Festival (HKIEF) invited various eminent speakers to discuss how technology can facilitate a transition into smart-living under the overarching theme of ‘Integrating Innovation and

By : Kelly Cho   Giant Leap Fund is Australia’s first venture capital fund that is 100% dedicated to investing in impact startups. The fund was founded by Will Richardson in 2016, where his aim was to bring about a more socially equitable and environmentally sustainable world through the medium of investment.

How university prepared me for the workforce   By Nelson Jia Jun Ng   When it’s time to leave university life and step into the wide world of student internships and graduate jobs, it can be difficult to work out what separates you from the other job-seekers out there.    As a final year engineering student,

Seedstars Summit 2019

By : Reggie Addae   April 4 - 5, 2019   SwissTech Convention Center – Lausanne, Switzerland   The 2019 Seedstars Summit 2019, organized by Seedstars World SA, brought together over 400 investors, government officials, corporate innovators, and CEOs to discuss and find solutions to issues in five key industries: healthcare, agriculture, education, energy and finance.

By : Min Chen   Tracking the industry’s trajectory with the Hive Founder Constant Tedder   Given how pervasive co-working spaces are today, it’s easy to forget that the concept is still considered young in the real estate world. Brad Neuberg is widely credited with pioneering the business model with the founding of San

Grassroots Innovators

By : Min Chen   Cataracts are the leading cause of global blindness. Of the over 100 million people who experience cataract-related vision impairment and blindness, 90% reside in developing countries. Often, sufferers are unable to escape the cyclical marginalization brought on by their inability to work and provide educational opportunities for

Empowering Growth with Bahini

By : Min Chen   Founded in 2018 by Swedish engineer-turned-entrepreneur Miyabi Holm, Bahini (Nepalese for little sister) is a fair-trade scarf brand that works to empower at-risk girls and women in Nepal. The unisex brand evokes minimalist Swedish design while paying homage to traditional Nepalese craftsmanship. Each scarf is dyed with

By : Min Chen   May 16 – 17, 2019   Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre   Organized annually by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the 11th Entrepreneur Day (E-Day) was an inspiring display of some of the city’s most forward-thinking minds. The theme of this year’s E-Day was ‘The Startup Living Lab,’

BY : Nayantara Bhat   Understanding the specialized and high-tech field of meteorological technology   Anyone who’s ever made weekend plans that depend on good weather knows that forecasting is both a blessing and a curse. While it’s comforting to not be entirely blind to meteorological changes, it’s often the case that forecasts are

Revamping Retail

By : Khadija Azhar   Smart Retail incubator Eureka Nova wants to reinvent the consumer experience   The future of consumerism and retail is often imagined as a world where our needs are anticipated and met, customized to suit our exact preferences. This vision means more than online shopping: think stores with curated sounds

Global Sources Startup Launchpad

By : Nayantara Bhat   April 18-21, 2019   AsiaWorld Expo, Hong Kong   Startup Launchpad held its Spring 2019 show from April 18 to 21. As always, the exhibition took over the sprawling AsiaWorld Expo complex in Hong Kong, filling up with buyers and retailers of hardware and business-to-business (B2B) products.    Organized by B2B marketplace and

Running a Company the Estonian Way

By : Arnaud Castaignet   Fuelled by the rising middle class and flourishing tech sector, Southeast Asia’s (SEA) startup scene is on the cusp of a significant economic boom, transitioning from a regional market with the promise to become the world’s next major commercial hub. This acceleration of the startup scene can

By : Min Chen   The origins of aromatherapy trace back to several ancient cultures, including China, India, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. But the practice, defined as using plant oils to improve one’s mental or physical well-being, is experiencing a surge in popularity that goes beyond the confines of alternative healing practitioners.    At