ZOLO Active Mat – Crowdfunding the Best Eco-friendly Cork Yoga Mat in Asia

HONG KONGNov. 14, 2016 — ZOLO Wellness announced today that they are now over 50% of reaching their funding goal with still about a month to go (campaign ends December 6). They launched their campaign using rewards-based crowdfunding platform SparkRaise to ramp up the development of their revolutionary fitness and yoga mat. The company has set out to raise $6,500 to produce the first batch of ZOLO Active Mat – an exercise mat made from 100% natural cork and recycled rubber, with a reliable anti-slip surface and unrivalled eco-friendly properties.
Created by a yoga teacher and practitioner, the ZOLO Active Mat was developed in Asia. Christa Moser, Founder of ZOLO Wellness, shared the inspiration behind the product: “As an active yoga teacher and practitioner doing daily Hot Yoga classes, I have been looking for the perfect mat to serve all my needs. Growing up in hot, humid Hong Kong where there are a lot of surprise rain downpours, I was frustrated with the commercial yoga mats. I was sick of the smelly, dirty plastic mats which constantly made me slip! I started researching all the benefits of cork and I thought ‘why not bring the two concepts together?'”

Benefits Suited to Fitness and Yoga

Cork is anti-microbial which means it naturally kills bacteria, mold, and odor.  It is also hypoallergenic. Several complaints against skin irritation were raised for yoga mats made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) materials.

Cork can be used outdoors in direct sunlight and still remain comfortable to the skin. With sweat or water, it also remains grippier with a more persistent anti-slip surface. Cork is composed of the substance suberin – a type of waterproof waxy material which gives better grip. With every mat purchase, ZOLO Wellness provides a cleansing spray made from distilled water and essential oils, mixed on Nantucket Island, MA.  This can be used to clean the mat or for spraying before practice.

Made from Sustainable Eco-friendly Materials

ZOLO Wellness chose to use natural compressed recycled cork originating from the Cork Oak Tree (Quercus Variabilis) from the Shaanxi Province of China. The bottom of the mat is also made of recycled rubber from Malaysia.

The factory is certified by SGS in Geneva which ensures that the products comply with global standards and regulations – covering the entire supply chain from raw materials to final consumption.  The ZOLO Active Mats are also qualified for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. ZOLO Wellness is also collecting cork for recycling (contact Christa Moser).

The ZOLO Active Mats are currently listed on the crowdfunding platform SparkRaise.  By the end of the year, zolowellness will be the official channel for the products. The products will also be found on Amazon and in selected stores around Hong Kong.  Guava Pass will also be listing them as Guava Perks.

Product Types:

ZOLO Wellness offers two types of Active Cork Mats and a Cork Block.

Standard Mat – 71″ x 26″ x 5mm (Recommended for In-Home use)

Travel Mat – 71″ x 26″ x 2mm (Recommended for Out-of-Home use)

Standard Block – 4″ x 6″ x 9″

Visit the actual ZOLO Active Mats campaign using this link https://www.sparkraise.com/campaigns/view/a34f6cc9-a2e6-4…

About ZOLO Wellness

ZOLO Wellness is an advocate of holistic living through movement and education, providing healthy growth solutions for the body as well as the mind. The company is currently working to provide accessories for its clients through rewards-based crowdfunding firm SparkRaise.  Learn more at http://www.zolowellness.com/

Media Contact
Christa Moser
Founder of ZOLO Wellness

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