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By Peyton Tian-Yan Ong Running a startup can be overwhelming sometimes, thinking that you have to start everything from scratch. Worry no more. Thanks to an insightful talk given by MissMafia Co-founder and Googler Meredith Wallace, below are some helpful strategies and framework for you to take your business to the next level.

Google My Business
Google Search and maps are by far the number one search engine on almost anything. Entrepreneurs that capture this insight and want to know how to stand out beyond digital marketing strategy, would appreciate this free functionality that was brought to light by Women@Google, Industry Analyst – Josephine Tan. Business owners that are not high tech-literate can easily list their business, create a new website in minutes, share helpful logistic information, take snapshots of their products and turn it all into marketing materials that attract new customers. Down the road in sustaining their customer relationships, they can start conversations by replying to reviews and prompt better targeting effort by discovering how people find their business. It is no doubt specifically designed to help entrepreneurs because even steps to register one’s business is as simple as downloading the app, searching for your business name and completing the list. (More info)

Part 1: Growing your YouTube Channel
Most entrepreneurs that have their YouTube channel and had been struggling to gain viewers are likely to have missed these 3 golden rules. To bring the crowd present to realization, Meredith illustrated rule “#1 – Don’t assume, use data” by bringing up researched statistics that challenge the norms’ pre-assumptions. Some example such as  40%+ of cooking show audience are males, 30%+ of viewers engaged in gaming content are age 35+, 55% of the audience who engage in fashion & style content are men and etc.

Some bold statements for rule #2 – “Attentive reach is key. Own the #1 video platform globally” such as ‘‘Malaysians are watching less and less TV, YouTube is Malaysia’s most active social media platform and the largest TV channel in Malaysia”  were displayed when comparing how YouTube is used in Malaysia and globally. She illustrated the concept of how the platform brought 3 Sarasota’s local kids(Boyce Avenue) to the next big thing without having large label company and as current having more subscribers than lady gaga.

Rule #3 – “Plan for passion points. Unlock love for your brand with the right content”  She highlighted this one with Gary Vaynerchuk’s very first video that he did in the bathroom telling that it only costs 2 cents to do a video. Audience connect with contents that relate to them and regardless of how it is presented and the video quality, the information from it is what they seek. She breaks insights that startups nowadays have the room for creativity and humour and it need not be how mainstreams do their content. She showed a picture of a fully masked man in an oyster suit, stating that it was the most viral video online. “If he would pitch this idea to a broadcasting station, do you think you would see it then? They would think it’s a ridiculous idea.”

Part 2: YouTube Ads Best Practices And Content Strategies
Meredith shared how YouTube had to iterate their design by listening to their audiences. They changed the video timeline points for impression ads(first 5s), allowance to skip ads(after 5s) and generously only charging users for views after the 30s. It was also emphasized that for substantial growth result, combining viewability and audibility was able to capture viewers attention for more than 3s than having only one. Knowing these would urge entrepreneurs to rethink their bumper ads content and strategies.

HHH Framework(Hero, Hub and Help) that was shared was indeed enlightening as it allows quick ways of segmenting which type of content startups could venture in. Each illustrated with examples of successful brands such as Redbull, Uber and Apple that build their content of what would represent them for the long term and what they want to be remembered for.

Part 3: Defining Your YouTube Channel
This final section was done through a breakout group discussion with a 3 step framework that summaries all the content mentioned throughout the session. Hoping that the crowd that attended are able to practice these to grow their business. Some useful playbooks and resources were shared as follows:

1. YouTube playbook for creative advertising (here)
2. YouTube playbook for advertising strategy (here)
3. YouTube playbook for channel strategy (here)

Other Useful Resources
1. Think with Google (here)
2. How to set up Bumpers ad campaign (here)
3. 3 Ways Brands are innovating with bumper ads (here)
4. 20 great bumper ad examples (here)

Entrepreneurs need to acknowledge that it doesn’t take much to bring your business forward, that it can be done simply with what you have either your smartphone, your backyard or in your bedroom. What matters is how you listen to your customer interactions, strategize the right content plan and always remember what your brand stands for to you and your customer.

About The Author
Peyton Tian-Yan Ong is a Jumpstart Journalist In Residence (JIR) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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