Meet WT2 Translator: A Cutting Edge Translating Earphone

What is the WT2 Translator?

WT2 is the real wearable translator for a two-way natural communication. We believe that language is beautiful, fascinating but occasionally frustrating, especially when communication with a foreign language is involved. If you’re traveling abroad where the language is unfamiliar, there is nothing worse than being stuck with no means of communication. Usual translation apps can get the job done, but they can only translate simple speech and need to be handed back and forth. It supports more than 5 languages, like Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, etc. WT2 comes with three different modes: Auto Mode, Manual Mode and Ask Mode. It can keep communication real and natural. All you need is one app and two headphones, and you are good to go.

Timekettle Logo

What was the inspiration behind the design of TimeKettle?

The story of Timekettle is from a famous science fiction novel, The End of Eternity by Issac Asimov, on the theme of time travel.


Tell us 3 things that are most special/unique about your product.

  1. The real wearable translator for two-way, natural foreign communication in a creative way with only one app and two earphones.
  2. Free-hands, simple design, ready to use.
  3. Improves the efficiency of communication with foreign consumers and solves the language barriers when traveling.


Please share your crowdfunding campaign experience with us. Have you received a lot of positive feedback?

We are preparing for our crowdfunding page and collecting our first batch of users.

We discovered that most people like to have one translating tool when traveling and having business meetings with foreigners. Language barrier is a real problem that needs to solve.

The feedback we have received include:

  1. Enables free posture as they only need one app and two earphones – they do not need to pass the translator back and forth. WT2 can help them accomplish a longer conversation, not just for asking for directions.
  2. The design is cool, full of childhood spirit and curiosity, and is very “high tech”
  3. They want one 

What is your current target market? And what are your next steps?

Our target market is mainly for travel. We are looking for global distributors. When WT2 is available, we will support ten languages, like Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, etc. We are looking to collect our first batch of users via crowdfunding platforms, and then via a seed round.

Check out their official website and their demo video with their working product!

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