Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Why crowdfund for the holiday cards I made?

Five days before the launch of my crowdfunding campaign on Next Chapter. I am feeling a mix of emotions; excitement, nervousness and relief. It all started in April this year, when I decided to make a career shift from a social media marketer to a full time illustrator. This seemed like a very romantic idea until it dawned on me that I had no idea where or how to start this new path.

Then crowdfunding sprang to mind.

1. Crowdfunding allows you to test your market at a low cost. Aside from the time that you would have to invest in the campaign (in my case it would be designing the holiday cards, do-ing illustration for them, researching cost for print, finding the most reliable printer, coming up with 6-8 tiers of rewards, meeting up with Nicole to discuss progress and promotion), you don’t have to invest money in manufacturing your products until you have met your campaign goal. Let alone keeping inventory.

2. The connections and networks you establish through the campaign are valuable for not only the present but for the future as well. Because of this campaign, I got to work with Ni-cole from Next Chapter and turned an idea into a tangible result. Through Nicole, I was also in-troduced to the Founder of a local charity called Pathfinders. Ten Percent of the total campaign proceeds will go to Pathfinders’ support programs for migrant women and their children in Hong Kong. This campaign has given me the opportunity to work with great people who I would have never had the opportunity to work with or meet otherwise.

3. You are not alone. Running a business all by yourself is lonely, so is running a crowdfunding campaign. The good news is, the crowdfunding community is extremely resourceful and help-ful. Whenever I run into road blocks, I can always reach out for advice or suggestions. There is so much a crowdfunding platform can offer and that is exactly what it is here for!

4. If you are entrepreneurial and creative-minded then crowdfunding is perfect for you be-cause running a campaign is essentially running a business.

Launching a crowdfunding campaign for these holiday cards that I have illustrated means so much more than you would think it does to me. It is a catalyst for change and a redefining moment for myself.

From a girl who believed she could, so she did.

By Laura Ho. Find her campaign on Next Chapter and follow her work on Facebook and her website,

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