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Wearable IoT World Demo Day

 wearable iot hong kong

wearable iot hong kong

Wearable IoT World (WIoTW) hosted its Demo Day in Hong Kong on August 25th 2016 featuring the inaugural Summer 2016 class of 12 startups that have reached the finish line of WIoTW Labs’ inaugural U.S.-Pan Asia IoT Superhighway Accelerator program. “Since we launched in Hong Kong, Wearable IoT World Labs has successfully tied together the local IoT ecosystem and the global technology scene with support from our partners in the community,” said Kyle Ellicott, Co-Founder and Chief Labs Officer of WIoTW. “We are pleased to contribute to the expansion of the entrepreneurship landscape – Asia is experiencing fast growth and Hong Kong is the epicenter of the region. Needless to say the opportunities are endless and we are excited to have our latest startups leverage these advantages and what the community has to offer.”

The 12 startups include

  • 18000rpm, a hardware and software company which makes technology previously only available to professional racers accessible to every motorsport enthusiast at an affordable price. 18000rpm currently has three mobile applications on the market: iLapTimer, iLapTimer2, and iAlign – apps which help drivers improve track times, fine tune race cars, and analyze race data. With Gamification, the apps also allow drivers to compare and challenge other users around the world.

  • Auluxa provides smart home solutions at no upfront cost through a subscription service that provides hardware and an IoT ecosystem. Auluxa’s system is built around their connected hub that controls all the essential features (Lighting, Air-conditioning, shades etc.) of your home with top tier designed switches and modules.

  • Auvi revolutionizes the mobile music industry by bringing you the true high-definition (HD) “lossless” online music.

  • Clim8 is poised to stand at the forefront of intelligent thermal clothing. That’s because Clim8 has a profound ability to maintain, monitor, analyse and activate your body temperature.

  • Dragon Universe is an IoT focus startup company to design and manufacture devices connecting people, home appliances, and automobiles together. Our mission is to make people living smarter, safer and more comfortable.

  • Good Parents– The Kiddo, brought to you by Good Parents Inc, is the world’s first health focused wearable for kids. It tracks key bio-metrics providing parents with real-time wellness and development insights.

  • IOTRACKS, provides developers a way to build for the Internet of Things that fits with their existing skill sets. As developers build with the company’s open-source technologies, it becomes increasingly beneficial for them to take advantage of the company’s commercial offerings for IoT solution management.

  • innoWear is in the business of enhancing health and lifestyles by building a platform that will integrate multiple devices and provide actionable insights.

  • Migo IQ is a smart, learning, customized filter that layers beautifully on the physical environment. Migo IQ adds machine learning software to in-store beacons, and consumers get relevant offers that produce more purchases and higher revenue.

  • nexpaq is a modular IoT platform. Through modularity, anyone can customize the functions of their devices. Through nexpaq’s phonepaq, the world’s first modular smartphone case, and the batpaq, a standalone modular device, users can go modular anywhere from the familiarity of the smartphone to the comforts of home.

  • ORii is a ring that puts the power of the smartphone (through voice assistant like Alexa) on your finger. Fashionable and discreet, this smart ring lets you take phone calls and talk to your voice assistant just by touching your ear.

  • Ozmo is a smart cup and app that works together to help people to reach their hydration goal and balance their coffee intake through Ozmo’s photo-sensing technology. The Ozmo motivation platform, named Lifepoints, will reward users through their fitness and hydration achievements and allow users to redeem tangible goods from affiliates and coupon offer wall. Ozmo is a hardware startup with a focus on their reward system development.

WIoTW Lab’s most recent Winter 2016 San Francisco class includes home energy firm ElectrIQ Power, which racked up $60 million in pre-orders for its IQ System home energy system; and parking sensor startup FenSens, who recently exceeded their crowdfunding goal well ahead of the completion of their campaign.

About Wearable IoT World Labs:

Wearable IoT World launched the world’s first accelerator focused on the Internet of Things, wearables, and emerging technology markets. Our 15-week program provides promising entrepreneurs the tools, technology, network access, mentorship, and investment opportunities needed to take products and innovations to market. In addition to our San Francisco Lab, we recently announced two new IoT Superhighway Labs in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China that are focused on driving innovation and entrepreneurship. Visit our website at

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