Saturday, May 30, 2020

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download 16 Yat Siu, founder of Dalton Learning Lab, explains to Jumpstart how important it is for kids to explore their creative side and how Dalton can help them develop their innovative side. For more information, visit

download 19 The startups of the Eureka Nova Accelerator Program introduce what they do at the HKTDC Electronics Fair.

download 13 LinkSquare can see what your naked eye might miss! Explore the world around you with LinkSquare and discover more about the world at a molecular level with Stratio's new high-tech product.

download 7 Jumpstart interviews Alex Kong, CEO and Founder of TNG Wallet. He tells us about how TNG Wallet is changing payment systems in Hong Kong and the various other uses the app has to offer.

download 17 Naptime helps you improve mood, alertness and performance by optimizing your afternoon nap.

download 14 Turn any 3x3m space into your own personal gym, with MOVE IT's app-connected smart fitness equipment. Jumpstart talks to CEO Ivan Ho about the exercise machine at HKTDC's October Electronics Fair.

download 6 Get to know the Starting Lineup at RISE Conference Hong Kong from Taiwan Startup Stadium and find out more!

download 4 Janet Yuen, Head of Business Innovation for HSBC Asia Pacific, tells Jumpstart about how HSBC Digital came to be, what intrapreneurship is and gives advice to budding entrepreneurs at the RISE Hong Kong conference.

download 9 Anand Chandrasekaran, head of platform/product partnerships for Facebook Messenger, tells Jumpstart about the development of Messenger, how AI is changing the platform and how businesses can leverage Messenger to their advantage in the future.

download 1 Jumpstart interviews Blake Irving, CEO of GoDaddy, about the underrepresentation of women in technology, the main issues facing startups and things they overlook and GoDaddy's recent expansion into Asia at RISE Hong Kong 2017.

download 8 Jumpstart interviews 9GAG COO, Lilian Leong about the future of 9GAG, the rise of different social media apps and their positioning as the millennial entertainment platform.

download 37 Raymond Yip, Co-founder and CEO of Clickful, shares with us his reasons to join an accelerator and how to choose one that suits your startup.

download 41 See what exhibitors and speakers thought about 2017's RISE Conference in Hong Kong. We're looking forward to seeing you all again next year!

download 39 Jumpstart interviews South China Morning Post CEO, Gary Liu at RISE Hong Kong 2017 about his advice for young entrepreneurs, the differences between Hong Kong and USA entrepreneurs and the SCMP transformation from a traditional news company to a digital one.

download 47 Jumpstart Kids is a 5-day morning interactive program that allows your kids fully immersed in the startup world. In each workshop, they will be presented with fun, hands-on challenges that encourage creative problem solving, teamwork, entrepreneurship, and innovation. All the profit generated from the program will be donated to charity.

download 36 Here are the event highlights of Day 1 of RISE Conference 2017! Speakers include Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia, John Collison of Stripe and more.

download 45 Exclusive interview with Jenny from Tanscorp and demo of UU Smart Robot dancing during Global Sources Startup Launchpad 2017

download 38 Felix from The Wave, Hong Kong talks about their integrated platform dedicated to supporting startups and zero budget marketing.

download 49 Jackel Cheung talks about what does to make working fun.

download 44 Peter Mok from Hong Kong Science and Technology Park tells us about their numerous incubation programs.

download 46 Jumpstart interviews Razer CEO and Co-founder, Min-Liang Tan, where he talks about Razer’s most recent expansion into Hong Kong in partnership with the Three group.

download 48 Exclusive interview with Julien from Moovy Bag at Global Sources Startup Launchpad 2017

download 33 Jumpstart Media interviews Pranav Seth from OCBC Bank during Tech in Asia Singapore 2017 about the OCBC Open Vault Accelerator program and what startups should look for when seeking partnerships with corporates.

download 34 Exclusive interview with NANOFIXIT during Global Sources Startup Launchpad 2017. NANOFIXIT talks about their liquid screen protector, making traditional glass screen protectors look outdated.

download 42 Jumpstart interviews Weiting Tan from Wantedly Singapore introduces the company and their unique approach to hiring new talent at Tech in Asia Singapore 2017.

download 43 Sally from SunFounder shares their newest robot, Rollman with Jumpstart at April's Startup Launchpad event.

download 40 Exclusive interview with Reggie during April's Startup Launchpad event in 2017 about what to look forward to in future shows.

download 35 Jumpstart interviews Ben Wong, Head of Global Sources Startup Launchpad at this year's show. Exhibitors also share what they thought of the event!