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venuehub logoVenueHub was created to make it easier to find and book an event space anywhere in Hong Kong. Venuehub allows venues of all types to list their space for free, they only charge when you confirm a successful event booking. Venuehub was named

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Q. What’s your favorite app?

“As a sales guy, my favourite productivity tool is Pipedrive. The interface is laid out in a visually-intuitive left to right manner, making it easy to track progress for different leads. It’s also very easy to coordinate tasks and client data with teammates” Malcolm Loudon

Q. What do Entrepreneurs look for in Startup Events?

I don’t tend to seek out events where panellists are going to offer generic advice to new startups or where they’ll commentate on the typical challenges facing Hong Kong’s startup scene”, said Malcolm Loudon of Venue Hub. “As useful as that type of advice undoubtedly is when you’re starting out, you don’t necessarily need to hear it dozens of times.

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