Twopresents: A Simple Way to Embrace Sustainability & Eco-living

Hong Kong, 24 January, 2019 – Sustainability and eco-living are the buzzwords of our time. We all want to be part of the movement to give back and take care of our precious planet, but how can Hong Kong families actually make a meaningful impact in these areas? One way that is steadily growing traction is through Twopresents, an online invitation platform with a charitable twist.

 The Twopresents concept is centered around reducing gift waste, teaching children about social and environmental issues in their communities, and supporting social causes to make our world a better place. Here’s how it works – instead of bringing presents to the party, guests are invited to contribute money online towards the celebrant’s gift/charity fund. This fund is then split – one portion is sent to the celebrant so he/she can buy a special gift, and the other is donated to a meaningful cause. The Twopresents platform is designed to be flexible, enabling the host to choose the gift, the charity to support (from a list of 39), and also the percentage that the charity will receive. What’s more, families can visit their chosen charity after the celebration to learn how their donation makes a difference.

 Started in 2013, by parents in Hong Kong who wanted to teach their kids to lead greener and more responsible lives, Twopresents has grown tremendously in the last few years, with over 20,000 users, having raised more than HK$12 million for great causes and meaningful gifts.

Families love Twopresents because it helps them:

  • Educate their children about sharing and the many social causes in our community that need help;

  • Reduce gift and packaging waste;

  • Ensure the present received is something the celebrant actually wants and will cherish;

  • Save guests the hassle of running around town looking for gifts.

Twopresents’ impact is truly being felt far and wide. Not only has it provided financial support to its charity partners, but it has also played an important role in educating young people and changing mindsets so they are inspired to give back. Twopresents’ success has led to the platform increasingly being used for grown-up events such as baby showers, weddings, 40th and 50th birthdays, corporate holiday celebrations, and even a triathlon.

Using funds that would have otherwise gone to unwanted gifts, Twopresents’ charity partners have been able to provide life-saving treatment to the sick, serve hot meals to the hungry, cultivate environmental conservation, provide abused animals with food and shelter, care for the elderly – the positive social and environmental impact is immense. The resulting social impact has earned Twopresents awards and grants from organizations like Yeh Family Philanthropy, the DBS Social Advancement Award, and the SIE Fund.

What Twopresents shows is that when compassionate individuals choose to share their celebrations, a tremendous amount of good can be done to the society and environment. For those looking to embrace a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, Twopresents is a great way to start.

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