Saturday, February 22, 2020 launches personalised, bilingual books for kids

Hong Kong based new tech start-up,, has launched its personalised, bilingual books for kids. TimTimTom’s bespoke e-commerce platform enables the user to customize the kids details and see these changing in real live. The user can preview the whole book before ordering, which is then printed sent worldwide for free. As the product is print on demand TimTimTom has zero inventory.
Each beautifully illustrated storybook is printed in two out of six available languages: Chinese – simplified and traditional, Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish. The user can choose which combination of two languages the book is printed in. Furthermore, the name and appearance of the child character can be customized for each order.

TimTimTom Personalised Bilingual Books for KidsMaking a Splash with an Underwater Adventure!’s first story is an underwater adventure in which the child is the hero. A perfect personalised gift for a baby, a child in a multi-lingual family or a great aid for children learning a new language.

The goal is to offer bilingual stories with the child as the main character, thereby sparking not only kids’ creativity, but also their interest in accessing or improving a second language.

Online Order, Specifications and Price Point offers bilingual, personalised books for children. Each book is printed uniquely to the specifications requested in terms of child’s hair colour, hair-style, eye-colour, name and a choice of two of the above listed languages. More languages and more stories will soon be added to the collection. The books are hardcover, for long-lasting enjoyment and are delivered directly to the customer’s doorstep worldwide. Each book costs USD 37.99, including worldwide shipment.

Who is behind TimTimTom? was launched by two mothers, Katrien Zondag and Gabriela Simmons, who realised the hard way, that language learning for children is not as easy as expected, especially when the languages spoken at home or in school are not easily accessible in the child’s environment. is launching with this captivating underwater story, but watch this space as more stories are in the works and will soon be added onto


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