THE NEW FOOD FRONTIER: BITEUNITE A new online community-driven platform is connecting passionate cooks, chefs and bakers with diners who love real, good food.

3 June 2016 – From pandas to kangaroos, there are many food delivery options available today. But who services the passionate home cooks? The fervent bakers, food bloggers and self-proclaimed party-spread creators? Those who dream of running a restaurant but can’t afford the overheads? One new player is bridging the divide with opportunities for small fries and home cooks to connect to food lovers and hungry diners.

Introducing BiteUnite

BiteUnite, a Hong Kong start-up, is an online community-driven platform that connects passionate cooks, chefs and bakers with diners who love real, good food. From family dinners to catered private parties, decadent sweet treats and gourmet ingredients, BiteUnite helps you order and schedule meals delivered straight to your door.

Its mission is simple: to share quality and authentic home-style cooking with foodies – of which in Hong Kong, there are many. But it also works to empower chefs who come from a variety of culinary backgrounds whether they’re professionally-trained, self-taught or from generational cooking families. “As a vegan food blogger and small business owner, BiteUnite is a great platform for me as a home chef to reach the community in Hong Kong,” says Laura Fairchild, a vegan chef featured on the platform, “I think people in Hong Kong could really benefit from this personal connection when it comes to food. Everything I make is made with the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients. BiteUnite offers many perks that other food delivery services don’t – like professional photography and delivery. Since I have a busy schedule, this is a real advantage of working with them. They really care about all their chefs and have taken the time to get to know me and my business.” Currently, BiteUnite features cuisine from Thailand, Italy, Japan and more, with dozens of custom baking options to choose from and wholesome products to order.

In a city squeezed for square-footage, BiteUnite have also partnered with kitchen-shares. These fully-equipped and commercially licensed kitchens are available for chefs, should they need a working space. As the platform continues to grow, new chefs are encouraged to join the online community (all flavours and cuisines are welcome!) share their culinary creations and profit from the opportunity.

The BiteUnite website is easy to use and features a custom calendar so you can plan ahead and never go hungry! Whether you’re planning for a party, friendly gathering, Sunday spread or cosy night in, BiteUnite has the antidote to your culinary cravings.


BiteUnite is an online community-driven platform that connects passionate cooks, chefs and bakers with diners who love real, good food. From family dinners to catered parties, sweet treats and gourmet ingredients, BiteUnite helps you order and schedule meals delivered to your door.

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