The #impact Podcast gears up to launch its most ambitious season yet

Hong Kong, January 16 2019 – Launching on the 30th of January, the fourth season of the thought-provoking #impact podcast returns and focuses on reconnecting its listeners with some of the most courageous founders from seasons past. Returning founders share how they have scaled their social enterprises, NGO’s and charities since their previous interviews, how they continue to build community and credibility for their purpose-driven organizations, how they define success and impact, and what challenges they face along the way.

“We have followed their journeys for a while, and they continue to impress us with their resilience,” says #impact creator and host, Regina Larko. “In our fast-paced society, we tend to forget that it takes time, persistence and patience to build a movement,” she continues.

Building an organization from the ground up takes courage. Team recruitment and development, fundraising, and the management of investor and donor expectations while sustaining their impact are some of the most formidable challenges that keep founders on their toes. What unites the #impactFOUNDERS is the passion to challenge the status quo and the drive to better the world at large.

To bring new voices to the channel, #impact has teamed up with KELY Support Group to launch Season 4’s all new Club Membership – an all-access suite of untold stories. Sky Siu, Executive Director of KELY Support Group, will come on as Season 4 co-host to bring young people’s thoughts to the forefront of conversations on social issues and things that matter to them.

The #impact team also encourages its community of changemakers to lend their voices and be the change by sending in their audio comments. By sharing their stories, listeners will earn a chance to be recognized throughout the season as well as receive conscious rewards along the way. Join the conversation – follow #impact podcast on Instagram and Facebook, and stay up-to-date with #impactFOUNDERS news.

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