The Greatest Investment Will Always Be In Yourself

A leading life coach teaches you how to achieve life mastery 


Every successful person I work with wants to make more money, feel more energetic, find inner happiness, be healthier, and continually elevate their life. Thanks to technology, we now have the tools to juggle multiple projects and access the knowledge to become better versions of our professional selves. 


However, many work tirelessly toward their goals without realizing that life mastery extends beyond hard skills. The fundamentals humans need to grow, flourish, and evolve are also the soft skills that are often dismissed as a waste of time. But only when we slow down are we able to nurture our most valuable asset–ourselves. 


Identify your values 


Values are the gateway to your authentic self, as they form the basis of your thoughts, words, and actions. Identifying your values can reduce anxiety and stress because they act as a framework when you’re feeling stuck about how to move forward. 


Some values are family, happiness, health, financial security, creativity, freedom, inner harmony, affection, self-respect, adventure, achievement, power, wealth, and honesty. Choose three that define your character, then live them visibly at work and at home. Living by your values is also one of the most powerful ways to lead and influence others, as it forms the basis of your emotional intelligence, thus bettering your ability to interact and forge connections with them.


Successful people live by their values because they serve as a navigator in all situations, giving them the confidence to make decisions. Most of my clients identify health as a value, so they say the gracious ‘no’ to extra work functions, and even promotions, if the timing is not right or if it will compromise their physical or mental wellbeing. This structure allows them to live by design and not by default. 


Create a life plan


A life plan provides you with clarity and direction on where you want to go and how you want to get there. It’s not just a picture of what you could be, but an appeal to become something more. A life plan should permit you to dream big and refuel you as you reach each new chapter, and it can only be a motivating force if it’s based on your values and resonates purpose. 


My clients start by drawing up a simple table, where each column makes up a decade with ten rows for each year. They then plot their age, and the ages of their partner and children, if they have a family. This exercise alone gives them an overview of what each stage of their life will look like and what their priorities should be for each decade. For example, they’ll be able to see which is the right year to take a six-month sabbatical to study, or a long holiday to spend time with the kids.


The cost of not having a plan is feeling that you’re not moving, not growing, and on the treadmill doing the same things while others are running ahead.   


Commit to self-care


Self-care is a movement against mediocrity by honoring the life you’re given. It’s a concept that sounds easy in theory, but difficult in practice because it requires mindful actions that need to be taken every single day. Here are a few ways you can start: 


♥ Stop comparing: Judging both yourself and others neutralizes self-love and depletes your energy. 


♥ Address your basic needs: People with self-love nourish themselves with healthy activities, clean nutrition, exercise, sleep rhythms, meaningful connections, and respectful boundaries.


♥ Be grateful: Take a few minutes every day to write down all your reasons to be happy. 


♥ Keep compliments on file: Our brains are not programmed to remember the good, which is why we often fixate on the negative comments that are said about us. Start a compliments file in the notes section of your phone, and look at this every Monday morning as a new self-care ritual.


♥ Forgive yourself: We are often too hard on ourselves, so remind yourself that mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow.


High achievers, elite athletes, and world leaders can unleash their full potential because they’re able to balance between perfecting their soft and hard skills.


Acknowledging your individuality, planning ahead, and investing in self-care are the most rewarding ventures you can embark on as you journey through life.  


About the Author


Shannah is a life coach and the author of Simplify Structure Succeed, The Life Plan, Chaos to Calm, and Shine Restore. She is an essentialist and life strategist, where she focuses on small changes for significant impact, specializing in life and wellness skills for humans to thrive. 

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