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Our name Hiphotique is composed of the concept of “hip”, “hot”, and “boutique”, and we want to “connect” hip and hot boutique hotels to our target audience.  We are a digital marketing business, which has the following missions:

(1)  Focus on the hospitality industry; in particular, boutique hotels

(2)  Market to millennials who are people born between 80s to early 2000s

(3)  Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. to share and promote boutique hotel experiences

Why hospitality business?  First of all, we are passionate about the industry on a personal scale.  Secondly, we see that the hospitality industry has always been a stable and undisturbed market where progress is steady and revenue is consistently increasing year on year.  In particular, we want to focus on boutique hotels because they fit into the profile of what millennials are looking for.

Why millennials?  We believe millennials will become the next demographic that will have massive influences on a lot of things, and that has a great impact on the travelling and the hospitality industry. According to research (Caroll, 2016), millennials are expected to represent 50% of all travellers in the world by 2025. The challenge of this is that millennial travellers are looking for something outside of the traditional travel experience. From the social medias and pictures they share, we know they want something more profound, special, and meaningful from their travel and accommodation experiences.  These young, enthusiastic, and spontaneous millennials want to stay and dine at places with reasonable prices and character that can offer them unique experiences to boast about in social media.

Why social media / digital marketing? Capitalizing on technology is going to be the upcoming trend for the entire hospitality industry; being tech savvy is not just for millennials. In this day and age, even older generations including grandparents use their smart phones or iPad in some sort of ways to play games or read news or get updates on what is happening to their younger families. In this era, going mobile is very important to stay informed and to move forward, and the power of word of mouth promotion via the social media cannot be underestimated. Social media has become the most powerful source of reaching out to customers and audiences for every business. If a hotel guest is dissatisfied with any sort of experience, he or she can complain on Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Wechat, and Weibo, etc. and one negative comment or post can lead to serious consequences for the hotel to lose substantial profit and could cause damaging effect on good will; on the other hand, good comments on fantastic hotel experiences will be boasted about and spread viral via these social media platforms.  We believe social media is becoming the mainstream media for marketing for any business; by all means, it is a great and fun way to engage customers and earn their like and word of mouth promotion. Currently, the hospitality industry is not using social media to its greatest advantage.  Many people see hospitality industry as labour intensive, traditional, and not innovative in their business approach.  In today’s environment, digital marketing channels are very effective for self-promotion and the extent to connect to audiences is global. The hospitality industry needs to take full advantage of this digital approach to its fullest potential.

 At Hiphotique Connect, we are passionate about the hospitality industry and we believe through our digital marketing business, we can help the industry to achieve what it is lagging behind in the digital era. We want to use our expertise to help the industry evolve and grow. We feel that the industry is underestimated by other business sectors.  We do not want any more selling of the product itself; we want to sell the experience of using the product, i.e. experiencing boutique hotels and its peripherals (e.g. unique places to experience in the hotel neighbourhood).  By using our social media platforms to share these experiences, we firmly believe they will generate more incentives and interesting and worthy selling points for people to engage with the hotels that we showcase.

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