Monday, June 1, 2020

The Fascinating Evolution of IoT 2017

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iot2aIt is no longer a rare saying that the Internet-of-Things (IoT) is going to be our future. But still, we believe that the true potential of IoT has yet to be revealed fully. The concept of IoT had been introduced for more than two decades, however, we are not even touching the edge of its true mightiness. In this article, we bring you to the wonder of the latest version of IoT 2017.
It is everywhere: from wearables to urban designs, you name it.
Recall the scene in the movie Iron Man, where Tony Stark literally takes full command of every single home appliance with merely his voice; everything is connected to Jarvis, an artificial intelligence system, where Tony can enjoy a total seamless smart home experience – In addition, such experience does not tease even when he has his suit on; Jarvis is basically everywhere and serve Tony twenty-four-seven. Years ago, it is still fantasy but today we are definitely ready for such smart home experience.

Smart home systems such as Google Home, Amazon Echo and Ivee are already available in the market. With an increasing number of new smart home appliances, people can literally connect everything from the home’s front door to the toilet in the bedroom. IoT has versatile applications such as on health-care service, gaming, and street design. In Taiwan, traffic lights are already streamlined; once there is an emergency, the traffic lights will adjust to allow ambulance passage.

iot4aThe unprecedented user experiences
Wearables like smart jackets and smart helmet are also developed to supplement the experience, which is to make it even more user-friendly. Levi’s and Google has cooperated to manufacture a smart jacket which is streamlined with user’s smart devices. Users can make a call or open an app via the jacket which makes using smart technology a more easy, seamless, and user-friendly process.

In the future, the IoT market is going to place much more emphasis on the user experience (UX). Smart technology is never an IT expert-specific privilege but an accessible medium to the mass audience. IoT platform providers are collecting more users’ behavioral patterns and habits to improve product UX. UX will definitely be one of the most important features in the next IoT generation.

IoT platforms today are as if orphan islands
One of the biggest challenges we have to face in the upcoming IoT evolution is the connectivity as well as interoperability of the IoT platforms. Grant, each separated IoT platform is powerful individually; for instance, the cloud services operated by Google and Amazon. Nevertheless, the separated platforms cannot be linked together thus the so called IoT platforms are in fact mere orphan islands. Imagine a giant IoT network where all platforms from no matter what providers are joined together – That’s our goal. But back to what we have got today, we are still one step apart from perfection.

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