Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Democratization Of Creativity And Success

By Divya SamtaniAt 21, Hong Kong-based Jane Lippencott embodies “entrepreneur extraordinaire”.  Best known as Co-founder of ZenCash – a principles-first, community-based movement working to build an encrypted system for money, messaging, and media – she is also launching an education platform to empower developing communities, serves as Director of Eden – a platform for blockchain consulting and advisory – and is Co-Director of a new blockchain incubator in Thailand. In addition, she’s a private investor, professional speaker, and advisor to a number of successful start-ups. All of this, and she hasn’t even graduated yet.

With a story like that, I couldn’t help but wonder – what’s her secret? So here they are: Jane’s Top 3 learnings on growth, creativity, and success.

1. Create A Life Thesis
“I don’t believe in singular specialization. I prefer to have a series of life theses, based on my beliefs regarding how the world should work, optimally, and how I’m best equipped to contribute. Right now I’m building at the convergence of decentralized governance, democratization, and, of course, value-oriented community development. Too often communities are characterized by superficial connections, so using blockchain to catalyze communities based on a core set of principles that underlie all interactions is vital.”

2. It’s All In The Mind
“One of my ‘secrets’ lies in state changes. I intentionally get myself psyched about tasks I may not find intellectually or otherwise stimulating. I started doing this during a period of hardship; without it I don’t think I would have survived. I didn’t value myself and I didn’t have strong relationships. So I chose to be good to others and to myself, to view opportunities as gifts and exciting challenges. Maybe that’s my ultimate habit.”

3. The Meaning Of Success
“I often feel very exposed and vulnerable, like I’m putting too much of myself ‘out there’. I think modern society baselessly encourages us to present diluted versions of ourselves and to groupthink. For me, success is aligning with my values, controlling my energy, and reacting as infrequently as possible. We should intend to be present and available for the people around us and to live our purpose. Success is in the little moments when we show humility, respectfully contradict, empathise, and forgive.”

About The Author
Divya Samtani is a programmer, storyteller, and communications specialist who has worked with some of the world’s largest financial and tech organizations, helping them to define their digital media and marketing strategies. Divya is currently Head of Content and Partnerships at Mettā, where she focuses on the education and empowerment of the global innovation community.

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