STO Network to connect projects, service providers and investors

Eyes opportunities to increase liquidity in illiquid market

Hong Kong, 28 January, 2019 – STO Network, a combination of media platform and the largest marketplace in Asia leading the way merging crypto markets with traditional finance in a new security token matching portal, launched in October 2018.

The team sees the lack of mainstream platform linking STO opportunities with qualified service providers and investors or providing useful resources about projects or broader market insights. STO Network aims to be the leader in covering the above areas with a user-friendly portal.

“Security Token is gaining popularity as one of the investment tools, especially for illiquid assets. Our team see the potential and we are keen to be one of the key industry players embracing the development’, suggested Benny So, Head of US Operations at STO Network.

 “There are different industry players across the globe, but the information mobility is limited between service providers, project teams and investors. We want to be the bridge to linking different stakeholders and make it as easy as possible to explore opportunities with one and other’, explained Sum Chi Ho, Head of Asia Operations at STO Network.

STON, STO Network’s internal token serves multiple functions at different levels. Token issuers and service providers can enjoy listing on the platform at discount rate. Projects can use STON for the consultancy services. General users can find out more information about STO by using STON.

STON can also be used for other financial services when certain requirements are met as well as leveraged as an incentive to users. Users can refer STO Network to others, promote their favourite projects and services in our platform to fellow users and generate original content such as project reviews, blog post and video. STON will be rewarded in return for the above activities. It helps to build our own community for the future initiatives in security token market. 

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