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Startup Member of Born2Global ‘Bagel Labs’ Launch Smart Measure on Kickstarter

-How smart can a tape measure get? How smart should a tape measure get?

SEOUL, South Korea, June 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — K-ICT Born2Global Center, a major Korean government agency under the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP), announced that its member company “Bagel Labs” will be launching its smart tape measure through Kickstarter on June 29.

“Although size is one of the most important factors that describe the physical condition of an object, it’s measurement has been left to the same tape measure that was first invented in the 1850s,” Soohong Park, CEO of Bagel Labs said. “We wanted to create a measurement device that could make measuring and analyzing size data much easier,” he added.

The Bagel smart tape measure can determine length using any of its three modes: string, wheel, or remote. In string mode, a string unmarked by gradations is used to measure the length of an object. The amount of string that has been pulled out is calculated using Bagel Labs’ patented sensor technology and the measurement appears on screen. In wheel mode, a small wheel is used to measure surfaces of various objects including curves. It also allows for a quick length or distance measuring with just one hand. In remote mode, a wave of sound is reflected off an object and is used to measure the distance between the smart tape measure and the object being measured. All modes produce precision measurements that appear on the screen in centimeters or inches up to one decimal place.

Digital measurements are immediately saved to the device and can be sent to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth, along with a voice description that the user can choose to record onto each measurement. Voice memos are automatically converted into text through voice recognition, and tagged to the measurement on Bagel’s mobile app.

“Our goal is to use the smart tape measure to create a convenient and revolutionary platform for our users,” Park said of the technology. “In the meantime, the smart tape measure will be used for DIY, furniture, home interior, and healthcare enthusiasts.”

Bagel Labs has been incubated by the Born2Global Center since March 2016. “The Born2Global Center has been very helpful in attracting foreign investor interest as well as providing services for overseas marketing and legal consultation,” Park said.

In preparation for the upcoming release of its smart tape measure on Kickstarter, Bagel Labs is now conducting last-minute tests of the mobile app. Bagel smart tape measure will be available on June 29, starting from $49.

Founded in September 2013, Born2Global Center selects over 100 startups with high potential for entering the global market and provides services such as professional consulting in law, patents, accounting, marketing, investment and business development.

Over 60 startups are selected to reside in the business space “K-Global Startup Hub” and receive consulting services at the Startup Campus. The Startup Campus in Pangyo is the “Silicon Valley” of South Korea, emerging as the latest hot spot in the thriving startup ecosystem. The 582K square feet Startup Campus is the future home for tech startup stars to connect with the global market.

Continuously expanding its global channel partners, Born2Global Center has over 100 partners all around the world.

Born2Global Center has significantly contributed building a strong foundation for successful investment opportunities for startups. Born2Global Center has brought investment of over US$133.2 million for 62 startups.

Born2Global Center’s experts have provided 4,537 consulting services to 2,921 startups, resulting in 358 overseas patent applications, 198 overseas business contracts and alliances with 26 overseas incorporations.

Source: K-ICT Born2Global Centre

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