Startup Launchpad Edition – Interview with XROUND

*XROUND is one of the exhibitors of Startup Launchpad@Global Sources 2017
1) What is XROUND?

XROUND is a patented(US, China and Taiwan patents), exclusive audio digital signal processing technology, which can real-timely transform any stereo speakers into a 3-dimensional home theater system and upgrade ordinary headphones into premium ones.

XROUND has a different audio technology for speaker and headphone mode.
XROUND speaker mode eliminates the acoustic cross-talk. It creates a listening sweet area effectively widening the soundstage, providing precise positioning and rich details. People can easily enjoy a home theater listening experience with just a pair of stereo speakers with the most immersive sound

XROUND headphone mode utilizes advanced HRTF (Head-related transfer function) technology to enhance the width and depth of audio. It eliminates the in-head effect of normal headphone and creates a home theater like listening experience.

2) Can you tell us the special feature and how does XROUND work? 

Rea-timely analyze and turn any sound source into a home theater experience.
Available on almost all types of stereo speakers, soundbars, and headphones.
No proprietary audio format(Dolby or DTS) or codec needed
Plug and play. No extra setting or download required
XROUND processes the audio signal every microsecond, real-timely detects and analyzes audio details with optimization
Expands a stereo sound field by 200 percent while enhancing signal depth, width, and detail.
Dynamically adjust the equalizer according to the audio, constantly bringing the best audio representation of users
Increase the perception on BASS on smaller speaker size using a psychoacoustic audio technology

3) What are your target markets?
Our target audiences are 20~45 years old people who love playing games, watching movies and listening music.
These people can easily enhance their listening experience by XROUND without investing the expensive and complicated home theater systems.

4) A few words about exhibiting at Startup Launchpad @Global Sources
Global Source Startup Launchpad is a great place to show the most innovative and exciting products to lots of interested buyers from all over the world. Besides, you can get good interviews by major media to expose your company and products @Global Sources.

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