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Startup Launchpad Edition – Interview with Micronature Thermostat

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*Micronature Thermostat is one of the exhibitors of Startup Launchpad@Global Sources 2017
Can you tell us the story of your product?

Micronature Thermostat
With the rapid development of the mobile internet technology, and internet of things technology, more and more intelligent products have come to our life. As a loyal fan of science and technology, I will buy the new intelligent product for experience once I found it, thus there are lots of intelligent products at my home. After using and researching these intelligent products, I found these products are just controlled by APP or voice by connecting with internet. They make every action passively by receiving the demands from APP or voice, but do not have the ability to think by themselves. The APP control steps and operations are complicated and tedious; The Voice control can not recognize correctly and is easy to be interrupted by surrounding environment. Both of them bring a bad experience to people. Then, we’re wondering whether we can design a real intelligent product, smart enough to think by their own, but not act by receiving demands from people. Therefore, we designed and developed the Micronature Thermostat, which can accurately identify the user’s personalized comfort preference. It will adjust the status of air conditioner, fans and other home equipment automatically before the user feel hot or cold, making a most suitable cozy living environment for people. No human control and with zero-interaction between human and machine, it bring a totally new smart experience to us.

What are the comparative advantages of your product?

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Micronature Thermostat is an artificial intelligent thermostat, it can control the Air conditioner, Fans, TVs and other devices which are supported by infrared. The thermostat contains three key functions: (1) Gen-Fencing: it allows the user set a virtual fence around the home, when detected the user is entering the boundary of geo-fencing, it will turn on the A/C and cool down the room for you in advance.

(2) Body Sensor: when sensed on one is at home, it will turn off the a/c automatically, which can save energy up to 30%. (3) Artificial Intelligent Adjustment: Accurately identify the user’s personalized comfort preference. It will adjust the status of the air conditioner, fans, and other home equipment automatically before the user feels hot or cold, making a most suitable cozy living environment for people, and protect them from catching a cold.

Micronature thermostat advantages include: (1) A new zero-interaction experience. The status of the air conditioner and other equipment is completely controlled by the AI thermostat, people do not need to use the APP control and Voice control (although we also support these two methods). (2) Self-evolution: If the user’s comfort preference has changed, the thermostat can quickly adjust the model to meet their needs.  (3) The thermostat defines the user’s comfort model from multiple points like temperature, humidity, and sunlight, etc. While the air conditioner and other equipment decide the comfort level only from temperature.

The value of the Micronature thermostat is to analyze the user’s individual comfort needs automatically and customize the comfortable environment for people, both healthy and energy efficient.

Can you tell us about your team?

Micronature has a professional, experienced and integrated team, The R&D is Doctor and Master based, which are mostly from Huawei, Apple, Microsoft and many other multinational companies. Steven Xie, Head of R&D, Ph.D., graduated from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was responsible for the architecture design of large-scale parallel database core algorithms in Huawei. He has over 10 years of software R & D management experience, applied for 23 patents related to big data, and involved in writing China’s first cloud computing materials “cloud computing project.” Rocky Zhang, Head of Operations, with more than two decades of management experience and managing a company with thousands of staff. Henry Qian, Supply Chain Leader, has extensive supply chain resources and management experience, worked in supply chain department at Flextronics, Apple

What are the challenges when you design this product?

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(1) Quickly to build a Comfortable Model: The user’s comfort is not only related to temperature, but also involves many factors such as humidity, light and wind speed. By learning a small amount of samples, it is difficult to establish an accurate comfort model;
(2) Regulate the model: The indoor temperature is not only affected by the temperature of the air conditioner, but also related to the outdoor weather, the room area, the building materials and the performance of the air conditioner. It is difficult to confirm an accurate model which the thermostat can learn to set and achieve the most suitable level.

What are your plans going forward?

Create an open platform to embed the MindAI algorithm to the third-party intelligent hardware products in the way of SDK or API. Offer these products the ability of artificial intelligent thinking, support their self-learning and self-decision making and provide a zero-interaction new experience to people.

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