Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Startup Launchpad Edition – Interview with AtomBit

*AtomBit is one of the exhibitors of Startup Launchpad@Global Sources
What is AtomBit?

AtomBit–Portable Spectral Water Quality Multi-parameter Detector,  AtomBit is the worldwide first hand-held spectral water quality multi-parameter detector, which creatively uses micro-spectral analysis technology to detect water quality, indicate the water quality parameters as TOC (Total Organic Carbon), COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), Chroma, Turbidity and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) to identify the pollutants of inorganic, organic matter, bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, hummus, sediment, rust, and others.

AtomBit Technology

Can you tell us the special feature of AtomBit and how does it work?

Family users can conduct water quality analysis works by AtomBit instead of using expensive equipment in water plants and labs. This innovation minimized the traditional large-scale water quality equipment to portable size and provides the real-time analysis result with consumer level price. The detection result can be shown within 2 seconds without any reagents. Users can use this product to detect the drinking water source and Apps to view water quality parameters, upload data and share regional water quality data with other users.

AtomBit Technology

What inspired you to come up with this idea? 
As we see the water purifier and other home water cleaner product is more and more popular in the market, the filter water status and replace cycle is very critical for keeping the filtered water clean and healthy. The water purifier filters timely replacement is very critical to ensure more water filter system to provide high-quality drinking water. Users are always replacing the water purifier filter with fixed lifetime, but the actual lifetime of water purifier filter is different as the original water impurities and quality are different in a different region, different building, different water pipe and different water usage volume. The unified filter replacement cycle will bring the pollutants into waters by filter failures. AtomBit can monitor the water quality in real time and provide the water quality data to alarm users to replace the filter when filters fail and pollutants appear in the filtered water.

Who is your target customer?

Home users, water purifier users and home water storage customers.AtomBit TechnologyA few words about exhibiting at Startup Launchpad@Global Sources
There are lots of innovative product that has not been seen in the market and solve the customer real problems shown in the Startup Launchpad @Global Sources and lots of buyers show strong interests for the innovation product there and want to sell them in the market.

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