Startup Launchpad Edition – Interview with Roopto

*Roopto is one of the exhibitors at Startup Launchpad@Global Sources 2017.
What is Roopto?

Xiamen Roopto Technology Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise based on modern optical application. It’s co-founded by elites and experts who interested in optical health career from optical, biomedical, body science, WSN fields. We aim to create a family health platform and more beautiful life which starts from oral health and rely on strong medical resources to plan subdivision in oral health, visual health, and optical beauty.

Can you explain some special features of the detector?

Smart Dental Detector is a smart device to self-examine and preserves oral health. Through the device’s Wi-Fi hotspot, it will connect to supporting APP for real-time detection, photograph, data transfer, and consult the online dentist. The device integrates patented technologies, it can image the auto-fluorescence of oral microorganism which is excited by the special light spectrum around its HD camera, which gives no shelter to dental plaque. Through the image, users can clear the dental plaque more accurately.

RooptoWhat inspired you to come up with this smart dental detector idea?

Our team has some talented optical experts, they work in this filed for decades of years. Through their research, they found that different light source can have a different effect on human body. Light can be used for detection, prevention, rehabilitation, and treatment. They organized their thoughts and divided into three fields in developing optical products: Light for detection, light for skin therapy, and light for circadian rhythm. After researching the domestic market, our team found that there was still a lot of opportunities in light detection field. Also, in daily life, it’s difficult to do oral care, because people need to go far away to dental clinics to do medical treatment. So we get started.

After two years’ development, our Smart Dental Detector entered the market.

What are your target markets at the moment?

Our main market is a domestic market at the moment, we cooperate with some well-known dental hospitals in China so as to gain win-win situation between us. We help them to gather customers through our APP, and they buy our products to service their customers.

In the meantime, we are actively seeking global partners. Since we don’t have the medical resource in the overseas market if our partners can provide their medical resource to us that would be perfect to our cooperation.



A few words about exhibiting at Startup Launchpad @Global Sources

 We gained extensive attention at the exhibition. Some of them are dentists from other countries. They said our product is unique and helpful. Also, some of the buyers spoke highly of our product and said they will introduce our product to their dentist friends. Actually, we want to let people know that our product is also good for family use.

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