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How Digital Growth In Asia Is Tied To HR Success

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By Mark McDowell | With the digital era developing rapidly in Thailand and the rest of Asia, the availability and consumption of digital material is at an all-time high. With Asians being the highest users of mobile and internet usage, it’s crucial that digital marketing is adopted in all sectors to increase the dialogue between customers, consumers and businesses.

The entrepreneurial, startup and business landscape is growing at such an exponential rate that the demand for digital marketers with real talent to promote brands to the global market, with expertise, is becoming harder to find. The freelancer, digital nomadic and transient professionals no longer stay in one place.

Developing economic markets lack education for producing talented marketers who understand global business and have a grasp of foreign markets. We’re seeing the real growth in the region occurring with a more open business and cultural acceptance from Southeast Asian countries, and a unified approach to global market practices.

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Digital Playing Field Qualified digital marketers in the region are seeking the best offers and work available, which poses instability in the sector and is something agencies and businesses need to work on. With the talent pool low – but digital use booming and the demand for digital services high – we’re seeing the success of the brands we work with go hand-in-hand with the success of our HR practices and company’s cultural growth.

The structure of business in Asia is in need of internal developments while building more of an entrepreneurial mindset for each member of an organisation to push companies forward and take ownership for their position while adopting a management mindset at all levels. This is where we’ll see growth and development of all business sectors during the emergence of developing markets.

Building Digital Teams At Primal – Thailand’s leading independent digital marketing agency – we actively seek out the best talent in the country who are familiar with local and international landscapes. This approach means applying global standards with local understanding to drive huge revenue and digital growth for the brands we work with.

Bringing foreign talent simply isn’t enough to capture digital market share, with digital use in Asia playing at an entirely different level. The real growth lies in blended cultures, allowing brands to tap into local habits with the speed and polish of established markets.

Our internal culture is developed around education and empowering team members to take ownership and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. This is aimed at an increasing bid to move Primal and our clients forward on a global level. Thailand’s digital use already matches our international counterparts, but our digital marketing standards are catching up to the rapid change. An innovation and growth culture pushes our marketers to compete internationally when it comes to practices and results.


Primal provides a flat structure where self-leadership is encouraged at an individual level. Supported by assistance and coaching at all levels, with management taking on an executive assistant demeanor to deliver help to all departments, is how we ultimately see the brands we work with reaping the rewards in their online efforts and bottom line growth.

It starts with every new hire, or rather new member to our ‘Tribe’. Primal’s recruitment process is built on ensuring that throughout the agency in all sectors there is a wide range of talent and strengths to assist with the demands for our clients as we strive to produce the best service for Thailand’s brands and keep the global mentality growing.

Goal-setting frameworks and performance-based rewards streamline the focus of our culture to continued innovation and results. We move like a startup through and through, keeping lean in the way we work, despite the speed in which digital in Thailand is evolving.

Staying Ahead The level to compete with digital marketing is changing constantly, with new digital platforms, technology and innovative startups emerging at an extremely fast pace. Creating and fostering a continued startup-first culture builds an agile team that is able to adapt to the fast-paced growth of the digital playing field, keeping the brands we work with at the forefront with us.

These are exciting times in Thailand and Asia as governments become more supportive of innovation and startups, and encourage media relations where digital marketers play the most vital role of all. Connection, stability and growth is at the heart of this emerging region – which is nowhere near finished and seeks global validation, integration and unification.

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About The Author

Mark McDowell is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Primal, Thailand’s leading integrated digital marketing agency. With roots in Thailand, Mark found his way into Australia’s largest digital marketing agency. Managing a multi-million dollar portfolio, he gained first-hand expertise of a data-driven digital approach to increasing brands revenue. He successfully brought this knowledge home, replicating the same growth for local brands.

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