Monday, June 1, 2020

Startup BFF

Startup BFF

By : Khadija Azhar


Ideas don’t hold much stand-alone importance if entrepreneurs don’t possess the ability to execute them to fruition. According to Launchgarage CEO Jay Fajardo (pictured), these abilities can be cultivated through collaborative efforts with industry peers. After all, it isn’t only the ideators that lay the foundations of a successful startup, but also friends from the community who support them.


Armed with the vision to “promote a culture of innovation from the grassroots,” Fajardo co-founded Launchgarage–a tech innovation hub that aims to rejuvenate the Philippines’ startup ecosystem by facilitating collaboration between aspiring and established entrepreneurs. 


As a co-working space, Launchgarage brings together a vibrant community of business-minded professionals, providing them with the opportunity to exchange knowledge and insight. It also boasts an extensive global network that its community can access; expert investors and entrepreneurs draw upon their own experiences to mentor young founders who are witnessing the Philippines’ digital rise. 


Fajardo himself is considered a thought leader within the Philippines’ tech startup ecosystem, with decades of experience under his belt. He has continually used his position as a serial entrepreneur to benefit the community, evidenced by his role as a strategic adviser for multiple startups and his participation in tech conferences around the world. 


In addition, he is a staunch believer in mobilizing the youth to lead future growth, stating,

“It’s important to inspire people to build solutions. Engaging the youth very early is important so that we can steer them away from a culture of complacency and dependence, and give them the skills and confidence to aim for audacious goals.”


With an advisory portfolio of 25 startups to its name, Launchgarage has set itself apart as a truly supportive platform. In the coming years, it is gearing up to expand as an accelerator and grow its network of mentors, continuing to cultivate a culture of innovation and growth. –KA

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