Solar Sound System (3S): Hong Kong Antenna Launching

jumpstart magazineHong Kong, 27 March 2018 | The organization Solar Sound System (3S) offers sound systems powered by the sun and the public for events andfestivals. Attributing to the unique design of our booth, the public can enjoy music with 100% renewable energy. The project is now expanding to Hong Kong that as a start in Asian countries.

An International Network Of Eco-conscious Music Lovers
Created in France in 1999, the organization has already powered several hundred workshops and events across more than ten countries, from France to Hong Kong, using power only from the sun and the attendees pedaling on bicycles.

This international network connects Paris, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Basque Country, Lausanne, and the newly founded antenna in Hong Kong.

Environmental Education And Community Action Project
At first it might look as just a gimmick, the goal of the Solar Sound System is to entertain public as well as introducing serious social and environmental issues to the audience through music as an entry point. 

The community benefits the opportunity to witness solar panels working first hand and to participate in the production of electricity through bicycle power. A LED panel also shows in real-time the energy consumption of the system, the energy provided by the sun and the bicycles. People can then start realizing what energy really is, and start discussing about its impact on the society in today’s world and the future challenges around it. 

Our actions showcase one of the many ways where creativity can solve modern challenges of the society, and our aim is to plant a seed in people’s mind and to encourage them to think about other potential solutions.

How It Works
Thanks to a hybrid system, we are able to power events that last from a few hours up to several days long. During sunny days, power can be generated directly and only from the solar panel on top of the booth. The system also includes 2 bike generators, using human kinetic energy to create power, which enable the system to be efficient and run by all weather as well as indoor. Utilizing our system as well as high quality and energy efficient speakers, we are offering solutions for holding events which gathers between 50 and 500 people.

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