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Smart speaker reads emotions to play music

MOODBOX can sense your mood on any day, at any time. By keeping a diary of your moods, you can easily find out if your job, your family, the day of the week or the weather influences your mood & why. It also features high-quality speakers and expressive lighting that makes your room look and sound atmospheric. Moodbox was successfully crowdfunded on Indiegogo in April of 2016.
Moodbox uses its artificial intelligence system to work out what music users most want to listen to. Users interact with the Moodbox by voice control, and can keep a diary of their moods using the speaker’s smartphone app. The system can work out what music to play by listening to what users say and their tone of voice. Then, depending on the situation or time of day, Moodbox can make music choices, reacting to, for example, how the user feels first thing in the morning, or when they are coming home from work.

Hong Kong based-developers Ivo say Moodbox uses an emotional intelligence program known as Emi. Emi learns different moods and plays music and lighting accordingly. The program uses AI to analyze the voice of the user and their musical preference, then picks out the perfect tracks from millions of songs and lyrics. The speakers are wireless and fully voice-controlled, and a number of Moodboxes can be set up in a house and linked together, playing music at the same time.

Moodbox has already surpassed their crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo, raising more than USD 60,000 from nearly 355 backers.


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