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Smart-Space 8 By Cyberport To Be Open For Online Application From 1 June New Base In Tsuen Wan To Offer One-Stop Entrepreneurial Support

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Hong Kong, May 30 2018 – Cyberport has been driving forward Hong Kong’s digital technology development and nurturing start-ups as well as talent at full steam. By encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, the digital transformation of enterprises and integration of new and traditional economies have picked up speed. In addition to comprehensive business training and support, Cyberport presents Smart-Space, co-working area with an entrepreneurial environment, to start-ups. Under the “Space Sharing Scheme for Youth” initiated by the Hong Kong Government, Cyberport has set up the brand new Smart-Space 8 in Tsuen Wan town centre. Specifically designed for young entrepreneurs, Smart-Space 8 aims to bring Cyberport’s wealth of experience in fostering start-ups, its extensive network and resources to society, offering more development and cultivation opportunities for the young generation while helping aspiring business novices to realise their dreams. Smart-Space 8 will be open for application from 1 June.

2 7Cyberport walks shoulder to shoulder with start-ups and knows by the heart that they need comprehensive cultivation which helps lay the foundation and accelerate the growth of their businesses other than one single kind of support. Therefore, Cyberport presents a full spectrum of incubation programmes and initiatives such as Cyberport Creative Micro Fund, Cyberport Incubation Programme, Cyberport Accelerator Programme, and Cyberport Macro Fund. We progress stage after stage with our start-ups and have witnessed the great achievements of many incubates. Thriving companies include logistic platform GOGOVAN, travelling service platform KLOOK, and e-wallet TNG.

As a pioneer of co-working space in Hong Kong, Cyberport launched the first Smart-Space in 2009. With building a community of digital technology entrepreneurs as its core mission, Cyberport gathered like-minded business talent by offering them operation space where brainstorming and exchange sessions occur from time to time. Smart-Space also encourages cooperation between start-ups to create value for Hong Kong’s economy and facilitate the development of society. As of today, Cyberport has set up 7 Smart-Space in the community. The start-ups calling it home devote themselves to various fields of technology including e-sports/digital entertainment, FinTech, AI/big data, smart city/smart living, and blockchain solutions. Coming from different cultural backgrounds, these start-ups rejuvenate the Cyberport community and create a vibrant entrepreneurial environment.

1 7Smart-Space 8, situated at CDW Building, is Cyberport’s first off-site co-working space. CDW Building is a property of HKR International Ltd., and Smart-Space 8 will be managed by Cyberport. All Smart-Space 8 tenants are entitled to Cyberport’s comprehensive entrepreneurial support and value-added services, ranging from incubation programmes, industry events, business development consultation and training to recruitment activities. Entrepreneurs who wish to tap into the digital technology sector can apply for a place at Smart-Space 8 via the online application system. For applications by individuals, the applicants must be aged between 18 and 35. For applications by a company/team, one of the co-founders must be aged from 18 to 35 while the company should not have commenced operation for over 7 years.

Please click here to watch the video in which Mr Peter Yan, CEO of Cyberport, takes us on a tour of Smart-Space 8.

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