Shippa launches its operations in Hong Kong, expanding regional opportunities to international markets

Shippa, a mobile app that acts as a global logistics platform, has recently launched its operations in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong launch will be followed by further expansion into global markets in New York, China and London.
Through the launch of Shippa, Hong Kong customers can gain access to a broader range of products from abroad than ever before. These goods can be brought back to Hong Kong consumers at greater depth and efficiency due to faster shipping speeds. London travelers arriving in Hong Kong can deliver a Celine bag to a Hong Kong consumer. A New York traveler can deliver Lululemon sportswear, and a traveler from Japan can deliver whiskey.

Shippa makes these services available through the personalized app that it has developed. Through this dynamic platform, international travelers can earn as they travel and Hong Kong consumers can gain access to international markets. The app allows consumers to make very specific requests. Through the chatroom, consumers can discuss the specific details of the order in a one-on-one conversation with the traveling shipper. Through this personalized interface, Shippa creates a dynamic platform by creating a more efficient network of shippers for Hong Kong consumers. When leaving Hong Kong, international travelers can potentially purchase electronics in Hong Kong and deliver these goods to their next destination.

Although operations center mostly around Hong Kong, Shippa will strengthen its network in Asia and expand into other countries in the global marketplace. With a large number of international travelers consistently traveling in Hong Kong, Shippa is confident that it can broaden the global reach of its Hong Kong-based platform due to this international reach.

In addition, Shippa is partnered with a secure encrypted payment gateway system that accepts payment through Adyen. This allows international transactions to occur swiftly without fear of compromise the users’ finances.

Shippa’s value to the market will be realized through its capacity to network international travelers and overseas consumers through the power of their networked devices to global markets in an efficient and streamlined manner. The convenience of the international shopping experience has become magnified through its global logistics platform.

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