Shifting From Traditional To Smart Retail

By Bradly Ng | Shoppers tend to do research via smart phone prior to any purchase or visit to a physical store. How does a small to medium enterprise (SME) stand out from the competition and bring shoppers to the stores via mobile devices?

The first prong to a company’s success is having a great product. The second prong – and perhaps arguably the most important one – is that consumers react positively to the great product or effective promotion. The key to converting shoppers into buyers goes beyond just selling.

The third prong involves delivering the right messages to the shoppers at the right time. What if the SME can engage with shoppers before buying decisions are made? How can a SME retain shoppers with limited resources?

Smarter Retail With Proximity Marketing
SMEs can now be connected with shoppers via any mobile devices through technologies such as LOOP – one of the first digital activation platforms for SME merchants to create their own mobile marketing campaigns by uploading their logo and content to the platform within 3 minutes.

During campaign creation, LOOP will generate a unique QR code and URL for the SME to distribute e-coupon and loyalty points card via internet and social networks to recruit members. The unique QR code and URL act as a media channel to connect with shoppers once the code is scanned via any QR code scanner.   

After the SME creates and uploads the mobile campaign to the platform, LOOP’s proprietary technology and algorithm will list out all the recommendations so that the targeted shoppers can select all of the loyalty programs and e-coupons created by the SME in the LOOP platform.    

The unique part of LOOP is that the SME and shoppers do not have to download any mobile APPs to operate. SMEs can provide loyalty programs without integrating to any point of sale (POS) system, and shoppers can collect e-coupons and loyalty point cards in their e-wallet without using apps. All promotion and loyalty program will be updated instantly via cloud platform and messages will be pushed to the shoppers’ personal e-wallet to create a unique smart shopping experience.    

High-Level Digital Engagement
In order to engage shoppers anytime and anywhere, LOOP also provides a distribution channel for SMEs to promote digital campaigns over 2,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots with a monthly reach of more than 2.5 million targeted Internet users. This can help an SME to create trust and dependability within the micro-moment and deliver the right message at the right time to the shoppers.

Accessing specific shoppers in designated districts will bring a true online to offline (O2O) experience and best of all, it allows SME to advertise within their shop’s proximity at low promotional costs while generating effective results.

LOOP is able to help SME evolve in the digital age and enhance business/shop into a data-driven media channel that not only fosters loyalty but empowers SME on how to better serve their customers. Through its data and analytics, SME can evaluate and identify market trends, patterns, and consumer behaviour. It provides a holistic perspective as enterprises can better understand its customers, determine how to reduce market costs and boost sales.

A company or a brand can have a great product, but be irrelevant without consumers. Technologies such as LOOP are the answers to effective digital marketing solutions as well as retaining consumers efficiently and affordably.

About The Author
Bradly Ng is the CEO & Co-Founder of Sky Matters. He has more than 20 years of experience in mobile interactive marketing solutions and has worked with major brands like Samsung, Chivas Regal, Disney, and HSBC. Prior to founding Sky Matters, Bradly co-founded the first digital content exchange platform in Hong Kong to exchange digital contents between China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and the US – including providing digital music to iTunes.

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