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By Divya Samtani | These days, it can seem almost impossible to walk 10 feet without hearing the words digital, innovation, or transformation – often all at the same time. But when it comes to taking risks and encouraging creativity, I would argue that it has much less to do with a company’s technology, or even its people. Rather, in order to transform our businesses, I believe that we must first be ready to transform ourselves. I recently travelled to Tallinn, Estonia to attend a revolutionary new education program called Mindvalley University – founded by Vishen Lakhiani, author of “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” – which takes students on a month-long journey of personal and professional metamorphosis. Here were 3 key themes that ran throughout the month.

Examine the Invisible

Before we can expect to experience any mental shifts, we must first look at what already exists beneath the surface. As Kwik Learning Founder Jim Kwik explained, accelerated learning is impossible without forgetting two things – firstly what you already know about a subject, and secondly what you believe are your limitations around it. Once you reach that stage, the rewiring of the brain can begin.

Stop Being So Serious

We all know that perfectionism is the enemy of innovation. But what we often don’t realize is that playfulness can be the solution for it. By incorporating a more playful approach into our lives, we not only energize our spirits, but are able to imagine bigger, more exciting ideas, and explore brand new ways of doing things – like turning your workshops into playshops, or seeing your problems as exciting puzzles instead.

Practice Blissipline

Your happiness matters – a lot. This is particularly true if you’re responsible for other humans, but it’s also a prerequisite for sustainable growth and advancement. It’s the reason that the Mindvalley founder puts ‘blissipline’ or the ”discipline of daily bliss” at the top of his agenda.

On a practical level, blissipline systems can range from simple gratitude and visualization exercises, to hacking state changes in your body and accessing your brain’s beta and theta levels in order to get you into super flow.

Making personal growth your priority will not only help you create the transformation you’re looking for in your business, but will also make the world a stronger and better place for it.

About The Author Divya Samtani is a professional communicator, connector, and content creator. Through her role as Mettā’s resident Ecosystem Explorer, she works to unite the international startup community by establishing partnerships and knowledge-sharing with entrepreneurial organizations across the globe.

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