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Say Goodbye To Boring Fitness With The Launch Of ClassPass In Hong Kong

CP photo 1

CP photo 1

Hong Kong, 4 October 2018 – Whether it’s yoga, boxing, cycling, Pilates, barre, CrossFit, dance or gyms, if you’re looking to step up your fitness routine, ClassPass has got you covered. The leading membership to the world’s largest fitness network officially launched in Hong Kong today, offering new members an exclusive promotion of one month of free classes at over 100 locations across the city.

“Hong Kong’s fitness landscape is seeing a significant shift – subscription-based services are fast on the rise as people increasingly value freedom, variety and adventure. With our official launch here, people in Hong Kong will finally be able to access curated and premier fitness experiences right at their fingertips,” said Fritz Lanman, ClassPass CEO. “Following the success of our first Asia launch in Singapore, where we’re now facilitating thousands of reservations per month, we’ve learned a lot about the APAC region and are confident that we’ll be able to serve the needs of the Hong Kong fitness community.”

Leading up to its official launch today, ClassPass has established strong partnerships with some of the best studios in Hong Kong, counting the likes of WeBarre, Barre2Barre, Anahata Yoga, Yoga BamBam, H-Kore, TORQ, HIT45, Bounce Limit, TopFit, Trybe, LIGHTS//OUT and Warrior Academy in its line-up of studios at launch. Fitness enthusiasts will get to turn up their workout routines at new and innovative classes taught by prominent instructors, across a diversity of experiences including strength training, aerial yoga, pilates, trampoline, boxing, CrossFit, pool-based classes and more.

Membership pricing will be based on ClassPass’ highly successful global credits system, allowing for dynamically-priced classes and new services beyond studio classes in future. With this system, members are empowered with the flexibility to get the most out of their membership – being able to go for more classes each month by booking lower credit classes, or attend any of their favorite studios as much as they’d like at a higher credit rate. For travel and experience junkies, the credits system also opens up access to ClassPass partner studios and classes anywhere in the world, as well as potentially new wellness services and features in future, such as massages, cryotherapy, acupuncture and facials.

“As the pioneer behind the fitness subscription model, ClassPass is constantly innovating and pushing the future of fitness through new features that enable flexibility and immersive experiences,” said Fritz Lanman. “We’re deeply committed to elevating fitness in Hong Kong, and look forward to engaging and empowering the fitness community here to lead their best lives possible.”

The ClassPass mobile app is now live in Hong Kong – available on iOS and Android via the Apple App Store and Google Play respectively. Find out more about the exclusive launch promotion and pricing, as well as sign up for an account to kickstart your fitness journey at

For more details on ClassPass’ partner studios in Hong Kong, please refer to the appendix.

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