Want to learn something? While most of us don’t have the time or luxury to embark on a full-time learning program, a few classes here and there to improve your skills can make a real difference to your business. Below is our directory of Fall 2014 classes in Hong Kong. When looking through our directory, challenge yourself to take a class outside of your “concentration area.” This can help boost creativity for your business or help you to better manage an intern or an employee who specializes in a certain area of your business. Did you know that Steve Jobs took a class on typography and then, 10 years later, was able to apply the knowledge when building Apple’s first computer, one that happens to feature beautiful typography?

Learn Marketing/Branding

Executive Certificate in Brand Management (48 hours)

This program is designed to provide a practical perspective in creating, building and managing strong brands. Classes are offered on Friday evenings, Saturday and Sundays

Cost: $6,500 HKD  hkuspace.hku.hk 

24 October 2014 – 17 January 2015

Creative Marketing Plans for Small Businesses  (24 hours)

This course will help small businesses maximize revenue by building loyal customers in cost effective ways. The course looks at how participants can use consumer data to generate sales and help them build an annual plan aimed to generate higher revenue.

Cost: $7,200 HKD raffles.edu.hk

Classes begin every other month


Learn Graphic Design/UX

User Experience Design (12 weeks)

If you’re a designer, product person or developer, you’re probably already doing some UX whether you know it or not. Light on theory and heavy on practice, this course will help you formalize your instincts into a structured design process and documentation

Cost: $28,000 HKD generalassemb.ly

November 4 – February 5, 2014. Tuesdays/Thursdays 7-9pm

User Experience Bootcamp (7 weeks)

WOW-X is a User Experience Bootcamp that trains Startups and UX Designers to help accelerate Startups new product development in 7 Weeks. Minimum 2 people per startup

Cost: $8,000 HKD per person kaizor.com

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Learn Web Development

Web Development Immersive (12 weeks)

This all day, every day, 12-week course will help you develop a portfolio of projects individually and in small teams that are ready to present to employers

Cost: $90,000 HKD generalassemb.ly 

September 22 – December 19, 2014. Monday – Friday 9-5:30pm

Back-End Web Development (10 weeks)

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of an object-­oriented programming language and build functional web applications.

Cost: $25,000 HKD generalassemb.ly 

October 7 – December 11, 2014. Monday/Wednesday 7-10pm

Front-End Web Development (10 weeks)

In this course, you will learn to Design and code beautiful, interactive client-facing websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Cost: $25,000 HKD generalassemb.ly 

October 14 – December 18, 2014. Tuesday/Thursday 7-10pm


Learn Sales

One-Day Sales & Role-Playing Workshop

This interactive workshop is designed to help executives to master presentation and sales-closing skills and to apply them in daily sales activities to win more business.

Cost: $2,700 marketing.hkma.org.hk

September 23, 2014

A 1-Day Seminar on Selling Skills that Sell

This class is designed to help salespeople acquire effective selling skills and techniques to achieve better results.

Cost: $3,180 HKD marketing.hkma.org.hk

October 21, 2014

Be a Legendary Sales Warrior (9 hours)

At the end of this course, participants will be able to: Explain the Hunter mentality, Explain the Survivor mentality, Explain the Winner mentality, Explain the Warrior mentality, and Be a Black-Belt Sales Warrior.

Cost: $2700 HKD raffles.edu.hk

Classes begin every other month


Learn Apps/Mobile Gaming

Professional Certificate in iPhone Apps Design (90 hours)

This course is designed to train practitioners with essential skills in both iPhone and iPad application design and development, and prepare them to practice iPhone application development as a profession. The course includes user interface design, application development and Apps publishing. It is a unique course that combines design, technology and marketing knowledge, preparing practitioners to implement and deploy applications based on user requirements. On completion of the course, participants will be able to design and code iPhone / iPad / iPod Apps just like those from online Apple store.

Cost:  $12,300 HKD www.hkdi.edu.hk

Classes begin in early 2015

Flash Based Gaming (24 hours)

This short course will help beginners design their own mini ‘Hidden Objects’ game and then make it functional using Adobe Photoshop & Flash software.

Cost: $7,200 HKD raffles.edu.hk

Classes start every other month

Create Your First App  (12 hours)

This short course will help beginners design their first Mobile App, starting from a flowchart, wireframes, designs concepts, user-interface and user-experience to the final optimization of the design for development using Adobe Photoshop.

Cost: $3,600 HKD raffles.edu.hk

Classes start every other month


Learn Public Speaking

Present Like a Pro (9 hours)

Participants will learn the following: The deadly sins of Powerpoint, how professionals present, the art and science of presentation, best presentation software alternatives to Powerpoint and how to wow your audience with superb presentation skills.

Cost: $2700 HKD raffles.edu.hk

Classes start every other month

One on One Public Speaking Training

Whether you are 3 or 73, one thing guaranteed to make the heart rate speed up and your palms begin to sweat: making a speech or presentation. All those people waiting for you to make a mistake, lose your place or just grind to a complete stop. Help is at ActingUp, it is our job to help you overcome public speaking fears. We guide all ages from 3+ with confidence building and professional acting techniques. All geared towards making you an assertive, self- assured and inspirational speaker. We cover any corporate speech and presentation requirements. 


How to Speak so People Listen and How to Listen so People Speak

Despite the explosion of communication devices people talk less to each other than ever before. In this fun and interactive workshop, participants will meet each other and converse in the language or their choice exploring what keeps us quiet when the solution is in the dialogue and what we can do to change this in ourselves and others.

Cost: $2,680 HKD hkma.org.hk

November 14, 2014

Toastmasters – The Public Speaking Club

Toastmasters is a worldwide non-profit-making educational organization founded in 1924 dedicated to improving its members’ communication and leadership skills. Members are comprised of people from all walks of life, including business people, professionals and students.

There are 10+ English-language clubs in Hong Kong held at various locations, mostly in the evening and about two to three times each month.



Log In and learn


Founded in 1995, lynda.com is a leading online learning company that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. There are over 2,800 videos where you can learn Photoshop, Dreamweaver, web development, online marketing and more at your own pace.

Basic Membership starts at $25 USD a month and offers unlimited access to all videos.


Udemy boasts 18,000+ courses taught by expert instructors in multiple languages. Reviews of classes are available from other students and you can see how many people have taken the class in the past. You can learn programming, mobile development, web design and more.

Classes are individually priced, some free classes available.


Coursera is an education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide, to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free. Choose from 400+ courses created by the world’s top educational institutions. You can learn computer science, social entrepreneurship, cryptography and more.

All classes are free. Most classes require starting the coursework on a specific day and run 6 weeks or longer.


Skillshare is an online learning community to master real-world skills through project-based classes. You can learn

from Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki and other business gurus. Membership is $9.95 a month and you get access to all videos


Learn About E-Business in China

China Business Workshop

This is a perfect and complete course to go through how to get started head first in China business, primarily around online business and e-commerce. 2 part series. Topics include: Establishing a Chinese company, China eBusiness Overview, Buying from a Chinese factory & other bargaining tactics, Chinese websites, Chinese SEO and Internet Marketing, Chinese Social Media, Chinese E-commerce, App Marketing in China, and lots of case studies.

October 25 and November 5, 2014

$250 HKD per course


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