Reenacting Silk Road Through a Cross-Border Platform

Hong Kong, October 9, 2017 – TOUCHEU (, the world’s first online cross-border sustainable luxury marketplace for handmade and lifestyle goods is about to kickstart its launch in early November this year. Connecting brands, makers, artists, master artisans and individual designers in the West and East, TOUCHEU positions itself as a cultural enterprise, giving sellers in the West direct access to promote their craftsmanship to Asia whilst bringing Oriental heritage goods to the Western stage. The idealism in creating a true eco-system of cross-border trading extends to a stand in building and nurturing a conscious community.

Despite its global reach, the journey of TOUCHEU was influenced by the founders’ many years of globetrotting experience and cultural encounters in Western Europe, United States, and China. In the wake of globalization, mass production has replaced the essence of traditional advanced craft skills thereby diminishing the value of craftsmanship. The founders learned that the retail manufacturing industry is the most polluting industry second to oil. Price and speed are gaining value. Somewhere, the significance of provenance and heritage are lost. There is no time for indifference and the time to act is now.

Fritz Lin, Co-founder of TOUCHEU said, “Every handcrafted item is unique for it reflects the tradition, know-how, spirit and passion of the maker faithful to its origin. Traditional yet modern, the aesthetics of a handmade product brings a special feeling as if receiving an heirloom that lasts a lifetime. Quality comes first and with it is transparency of each handmade process conveyed through a story giving you an idea of what you are buying and getting an ethically-sourced, eco-friendly and sustainable product.”

Based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, TOUCHEU serves as a semi-curated marketplace that provides ease of shopping through an integrated language and payment system. Shoppers could expect a wide array of categories ranging from fashion, accessories, home décor to artwork from London, Milan, Paris, New York, Suzhou and other parts of the world. All of our brand partners are committed to their own sustainability and philanthropic initiatives, demonstrating the power of a circular economy. For instance, a scarf maker that applies zero-waste production; a handbag artisanal brand that uses vegetable-tanned leather; a fashion label that sources using organic-certified and responsible fabrics; a jewelry brand that uses recycled materials employing local artisans to support the local economy; and last but not least a womenswear label that uses biodegradable materials and provides children in Kenya with school uniforms to keep them in school.

A RISE ALPHA exhibitor in Hong Kong last July 2017, TOUCHEU continues to build and drive a positive change in all aspects and now works with 30 sustainable luxury brands from across the globe. Beyond craftsmanship, conscious lifestyle starts from one’s habit and ultimately will transform other people’s lives for a better living. It is TOUCHEU’s mission to inspire the better.

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