Redefining Space. Hong Kong’s First “Reading, Working and Studying Space”

Hong Kong – 8 November 2016
Finding a quality quiet space to work in this overcrowded city is often difficult. Cafes are crowded with tiny table space, while office rents are prohibitively expensive. Desk-one is here to offer your best solution.

Work Outside the Box?

Desk-one is a collaborative working, reading and studying space in Causeway Bay, within 3 minutes from Times Square. The space enjoys panoramic view of the Happy Valley Racecourse from the heart of the city centre. It has combined the best elements of cafes (quality hand-drip coffee), libraries (tranquility and selected magazine collections) and coworking space (quality space with proper working desks). Desk-one offers a better alternative for entrepreneurs, freelancers, as well as those working professionals and the higher-level education market.

Desk-one works closely with designers in creating this new concept to allow the users to get things done efficiently and effectively. The space consists three main areas – the Reading Lounge, the Quiet Focus Zone and Individual Discussion Rooms. Desk-one ensures that the users can enjoy ample natural lights with spectacular and relaxing view from most areas, supplemented by the complementary hand-crafted coffee, selected premium snacks & prepackaged drinks at the pantry, as well as latest magazines and books collection.

The One-of-a-Kind Place

“We are currently the first and only space of this type in Hong Kong. This concept has been increasingly successful in Korea and Taiwan in the past few years. The space bridges the gap and solve Hong Kong’s land issue! We have evolved and upgraded the general coworking space concept and bring to the wider audience,” said Jacky, Director of Desk-one. “We bring our users away from the overcrowded and noisy cafes, redefine the inflexible and stringent rules in public libraries and study rooms, and promote the collaborations with global and local emerging designers’ brands at Desk-one.”

Desk-one aims to provide a quality premium quiet environment for entrepreneurs, freelancers, young working professionals and students living under the daily hassle and stress in Hong Kong. Flexible daily and monthly plans are available. For more information, please visit Desk-one’s websites ( or FB/IG account (@deskonehk).

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