What people say about Jumpstart

Just to say a quick Thank you! With the cover of Jumpstart Magazine, our DIY event is already full. Also several local media approached for interview. So really thank you for making a real help to startups in HK!”

— Karbi Chan, Founder of Archiparti

I LOVED this issue [Issue 8 | October / November 2015] of the magazine! This issue makes me want to try and find some classes now that I know there are some here on HK island!

— Jimmy Choy, Founder of Brainchild

Really love what you are doing and have been a loyal follower for quite some time. Especially your tips are awesome!

— Dr. Julian Hosp, Julian Hosp Coaching

Fantastic magazine, great content and lots of useful information! Great to have such a resource in Hong Kong.

— Christine Dormier, Founder of Mom Cooperative Hong Kong

At Steel Available, we really enjoy reading Jumpstart Magazine and we especially found the 50 productivity tools from last month so useful that we adopted a lot of them!

— Francesco Grillo, Co-founder of Steel Available

Your online & print magazine are incredible resources for the entrepreneurial community.

— Sarah Garner, Founder of Retykle

Your magazine is brilliant! I just found out about Jumpstart HK through a Sassy email featuring FEW Organization. I must say I wish this was available to me 7 years ago, I’ve been through an interesting and educational journey. I will read more and subscribe.

— Shyla Viju Motwani, Founder of Aroxta