Premier grocery concierge service honestbee creates first online charity food store with Feeding Hong Kong

HONG KONG, 11 October 2017 – honestbee, Asia’s leading online grocery concierge service, has partnered with Feeding Hong Kong, a well-known charity dedicated to collecting and redistributing surplus food to people in need. This partnership, which takes the form of a dedicated store on honestbee’s existing e-commerce platform, represents the charity’s first online food drive and aims to extend a helping hand to the one million people who struggle to afford nutritious meals. The online store officially launches on 16th of October, World Food Day.
In just two months, honestbee and Feeding Hong Kong have raised over HK$200,000 worth of food donations in an effort to support the 71,000 low-income households in Hong Kong who can’t afford even the most basic food needs. Donations include over 4 tons of rice.

honestbee customers can now shop from a selection of nearly 20 products through a dedicated Feeding Hong Kong store on honestbee’s website and app, with the products going directly to the charity. honestbee will match the customers’ purchases one to one (for example, if a customer buys one bag of rice, honestbee will donate one bag of rice), before being delivered to the Feeding Hong Kong food bank at the end of each month. The food bank distributes to 70 partner charities who support families and individuals in need.

honestbee has worked closely with Feeding Hong Kong. All products were specifically chosen by the charity to include staples like rice, noodles, cooking oil and canned goods. Food drives, including this inaugural online store, supplement Feeding Hong Kong’s daily operations of redistributing food by ensuring stock of everyday necessities.

“The need for food donations is undeniable. In Hong Kong, one in eight people live below the poverty line and low-income families spend almost half of their income on food”, explains honestbee’s Country Manager Derek Winder. “With this collaboration, we’ve extended our service to include an option for donations – doing good is only a few clicks away. We couldn’t be happier for this opportunity to give back to the community and continue working towards our mission of being a social impact company.

” Feeding Hong Kong, who support around 100,000 meals each month, said that this was their first online food drive. “This collaboration is very exciting for us; it’s a whole new way of raising awareness and gathering support from the public,” says Gabrielle Kirstein, the charity’s Executive Director. “The donations will be distributed to 70 charities that help more than 26,000 beneficiaries each month.

” The collaboration follows honestbee’s announcement of partnerships with eight major supermarkets this summer. Professional concierge shoppers handpick and deliver fresh groceries from top local stores direct to homes in Hong Kong Island and parts of Kowloon and New Territories. honestbee now offers over 60,000 products from more than 25 stores.

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