Portuguese Firms Seek Business Opportunities During 2018 PLPEX In Macao

A delegation with representatives of Portuguese companies is to attend the “2018 Portuguese-speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition (Macao) – 2018 PLPEX”, which will for the second consecutive year be held concurrent to the 23rd Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF). Both events take place from 18 to 20 October at The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel.

The participation in PLPEX by these companies is co-funded by the Operational Programme for Competitiveness and Internationalisation, under the Portugal 2020 Partnership Agreement – a plan that uses European funds to help boost economic growth in Portugal. Via participation in PLPEX, these companies aim to promote their brands and to identify new business opportunities. At the same time, they are looking for strategic partnerships in order to enter the Chinese market.

Among the Portuguese companies taking part in the 2018 PLPEX are: Electrocig; Estúdio Didáctico; GalaxiEncantada; Mindalizer Consulting; Mobiz; PSA Trade; Puris; and the Sópneus brand. They operate in various sectors, including construction, import-export, and consultancy, as well as in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Participation in PLPEX will allow them to seek strategic partnerships to open up opportunities in international markets, in particular, mainland China.

PSA Trade already has partners in several countries in, respectively, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, so the goal is to strengthen the internationalization of the company. It focuses on the import and export, distribution, and marketing of construction machinery and equipment.

By joining PLPEX, PSA Trade intends to “strengthen market presence, increase sales, retain customers, and improve and promote its brand image”. “PSA Trade planned to join PLPEX in order to reach directly its target customers and other relevant players in the market,” says its Chief Executive Officer Paulo Almeida, adding that the company is seeking “market knowledge and to get to know demand trends, analysis of the competition and to make its products known to the market”.

Electrocig is coming to Macao to introduce vaporizers and accessories, which the company says are in line with public policies on tobacco control and with measures to support those who want to stop smoking. At PLPEX the company wants to communicate directly with potential customers, seeking to “collaborate with Macao and Mainland Chinese companies” in expanding to the Asian market, says Ivo Ribeiro, the firm’s CEO.

GalaxiEncantada returns to PLPEX with high expectations regarding the likely appeal of its organic jams, jellies and marmalades in the Macao and Mainland Chinese markets. “These markets have a close relationship with Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries. There has been some preference given to Portuguese products and an increase in their consumption,” says the company’s CEO, Marcela Russo. “The company expects to establish partnerships with food companies in Macao and, later, in Mainland China,” she adds.

Puris is also coming back to the trade show to extend its network of partners for the various brands of food supplements that the company distributes. All of these supplements are produced using natural components. According to Puris, market consumption in Macao and Mainland China for cosmetics and hygiene products is “growing towards products considered high-end, or high value-added”.

“In this context, Puris’ prospects for the markets of Macao and Mainland China include the establishment of partnerships with companies in the area of cosmetics, namely for the development of innovative and high-quality products,” noted the company’s Chief Executive Guilherme Marques.

Representatives from the Portuguese companies say that PLPEX offers unique opportunities to explore the Chinese market. This is because of its pivotal role in promoting Macao as a trade and economic service platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries.

The Chinese market is also enticing for Estúdio Didáctico, which aims “to contribute to the modernization of the education system by offering differentiating and innovative school and study support materials, with a strong technological component.” The goal, says CEO Jorge Barbosa, is “to provide a qualitative improvement in the materials available for use by education professionals and their students.” Estúdio Didáctico intends to establish partnerships with publishers, schools and government authorities in Macao and Mainland China, “contributing to education and training in their respective regions,” noted Mr Barbosa.

Mindalizer is also seeking customers for its consulting services, which include a digital strategy for search engine optimization targeting, for instance, Bing, an engine that has proven popular in Mainland China. The company seeks to “establish partnerships in the development of innovative solutions”, aiming to expand to the Asian market. PLPEX, says the firm’s CEO Rui Pereira, allows Mindalizer to deepen the cooperation with companies of Macao and Mainland China, as well as to consolidate Macao’s role as an intermediary between China and Portugal.

Another Portuguese company, Mobiz comes to Macao to present a mobility platform, already available in Mandarin, to connect passengers to taxis or private drivers, 24 hours a day. Mobiz singles out mobility as an important factor for the strong expansion of the transport systems and infrastructure in Macao and Mainland China.

“Mobiz aims to enter the Asian market, seeking to establish partnerships with governments and companies in the transport sector,” said a company representative. “The company hopes to retain customers and have its services widely accepted in these markets”.

On the other hand, Sópneus – represented by the company António Silva, Lda. – wants to expand its brand of car workshops, aimed at performing quick services. By joining PLPEX, António Silva, Lda. wishes to “establish partnerships with local companies, as well as suppliers of equipment, tools and other resources necessary for its activity”. “The company intends to increase sales and find loyal customers,” said the firm’s Chief Executive Pedro Jales, noting that Macao was perceived as “a platform for entry into the Mainland Chinese market and Asia as a whole.”

The 2018 PLPEX covers an area of about 6,000 square meters, with more than 300 stands to accommodate companies and organizations from the eight Portuguese-speaking countries, as well as representative agencies of products and services from Mainland China, Macao and Hong Kong. The 23rd edition of MIF, the event concurrent to the 2018 PLPEX, is being held under the theme “Cooperation – Key to Business Opportunities”, and has invited Mozambique to be this year’s “partner country”, and Fujian province to be “partner province”.

PLPEX – like MIF – is organized by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM), which hopes the synergy between the two events can help companies take better advantage of China’s national development policies, such as the “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

Information on eight companies participating in 2018 PLPEX




A company focusing on the export, agency representation, distribution and sale of electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and accessories.


The company manufactures educational materials, with emphasis on the use of innovative Ting Pen technology as an instrument for teaching languages.


The company produces several types of food ingredients specifically for the gourmet segment. Its products are all based on Portuguese organic and fresh raw materials.


Consulting firm specializing in operational efficiency and strategy, helping companies wishing to develop a customer-based culture, seek competitive advantages and draft a digital strategy.


A company that runs a mobility platform, already available in Chinese language, that offers private transportation services 24 hours a day, to and from any location.


In the international field the company is focusing on the import, export, distribution and sale of construction machinery and equipment


This pharmaceutical industry firm represents a number of brands of dietary supplements produced using natural ingredients.


The Sópneus brand bets on fast-turnaround car workshop services and has a focus on personalized customer service.

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