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By Shona Yang | In today’s digital age, a customer’s experience is the linchpin of any successful online service or product. Maintaining exceptional customer experience is challenging in light of shifting privacy regulations and growing competition. Chargebee is an automated billing and subscription software service that helps clients provide superior

By Zara Hannaford | THE GLOBAL GROWTH of podcasting as a medium for entertainment and information exchange hasn’t missed Hong Kong, which has a large selection of podcasts covering topics from trail running to Hong Kong’s heritage. One of the newest is Hong Kong Confidential, which has taken off since

By Nayantara Bhat | Balancing business and family can be a challenging proposition. Corporate events clash with school plays. Important calls with overseas clients take away from downtime with the spouse. The hectic work week can leave very little time for unwinding and enjoying some alone time. Prospect Resourcing Co-Founder Emma

The first accessory of its kind, Bevel turns your ordinary smartphone or tablet into an amazing 3D camera. Tell us how Bevel came about, what inspired it? We as a society are at a pivotal point with technology. Matter and Form is just a small company, but we're all about 3D. So

What do Estée Lauder, Ferdinand Porsche, and Kawasaki Shozo have in common? They were each over 50 when they started the global business named for them. In fact, founders over 50 are the fastest growing segment of new company founders. And surveys have also shown that companies with founders over 50 enjoy

By Peyton Ong | Innovative ideas can be quickly harnessed through a brainstorming session or even through random ‘aha’ moments, but are soon followed by thoughts like “I don’t have initial capital” or “I failed at previous fund-raising efforts”, driving potential Founders and Entrepreneurs to give up on their ideas.In the

By Daryl Arnold | The number of older adults living alone in Singapore will grow to 83,000 by 2030, and currently 60% of injuries sustained by older adults occur in their homes – that is a frightening statistic. The aging population and growing chronic illness incidents are further straining the

As a startup co-founder, I come into contact with investors, mentors and others who all have their own ideal business models in mind. For some, scalability is most important, for others it’s the revenue model, and yet others focus most on sustainability. I agree that all of these are important,

I have a thesis about the immediate future of Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem– we are at an inflection point. The next 18–24 months are going to be crucial. Some startups will break away from the clutter, most will fold; some entrepreneurs will succeed, most will fail. The many supporting organisations –

By Chen Ming | The motivation of KKday is very simple: to experience a local’s way of life. In fact, many will agree this is the core idea of traveling, but it wasn’t possible just 10 years ago. Back then, most Asian travelers would choose only packaged tours that catered to

Lessons that only startups can teach   By Peyton Ong | The rise of tech giants is proof that startups are just as, if not more capable than corporates when it comes to disrupting industries. While corporate leaders are aware of the need to keep up with the pace of such developments,

By Chloe Wong | This is a story about a girl who doesn’t want to spend Christmas alone. When Hannah Ryan was a college student in the US, she decided to take a break from graduate school and explore the other side of the world by backpacking, solo. And she

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By Priscilla Tan | “If you think you’re done, then maybe it’s time to go home,” Google VP Next Billion Users Diane Layfield says about innovation. If there was a contest for the best noteworthy quote at Money20/20 Asia 2018, this would be the champion. The March 13-15 Asian edition of the

By Quách Toàn Long | Startups from around the world gathered March 7-8 at Riverside Palace in Ho Chi Minh City for Vietnam Blockchain Week, the country’s first major blockchain conference. This two-day event for learning and networking with senior executives, policymakers, and key opinion leaders featured 60+ topics and

When times are tough — and they often are for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) — the most innovative thing you can do is figure out a way to keep the operation running at full strength from one day to the next. For instance, in Singapore, sentiments amongst SMBs with

By Angie Chung and Charlene Ree | We believe that setting up an optimal digital media strategy is a key component for every business to be successful. For startups with minimal marketing resources, activating digital is critical especially when promoting products and services. As the digital experts behind Httpool Asia and

How An Exchange Protects Users' Digital Assets By Xdite Cheng | Blockchain is one of the most popular topics in the tech community. Instead of opening a crypto exchange or issuing a digital coin, the most profitable business in the blockchain industry, in my opinion,

Thanks to everyone who entered the Caption Contest #5. We received so many awesome entries! Scroll down to see the winning and notable entries. And stay tuned for the next caption contest in the mid-July issue of Jumpstart magazine (see page 29). To sponsor our next caption contest contact our team.   Winning Entry: "Cloud based computing

All-in-one Search Engine Optimization (SEO) platform Serpstat has released their modern SEO tool — Checklist. It’s a to-do list which helps monitor the process of carrying out SEO tasks on projects. The tool has ready-made templates with a wide range of options. You can also add your own tasks. Its

By Dij Phukan, CEO of Salesgasm | Conferences are not rocket science. They are events where professionals from various backgrounds and companies gather to train, learn,

“A creative adult is a child who survived” - Ursula K. Le Guin By Divya Samtani | THE NEED FOR CREATIVITY in today’s world is a given. But with everyone from bankers to brain surgeons striving to be more creative in the workplace, it’s become clear to me that what adults are

By David Nagrosst | Not every crime writer is a criminal, said Lionel Shriver, nor is every author who writes on sexual assault a rapist. “Fiction, by its very nature is fake.” Yet how many of us query, question and judge when confronted by blogs, images, videos on our feed, on our

By Sam Ameen | Betatron invests in promising startups, refines their business models and fast-tracks them to grow and scale over an intensive four-month period. Based in Hong Kong, Betatron is a network of investors, entrepreneurs, startups and mentors focused on empowering Founders. Through its platform, Betatron provides funding, hands-on support, and

By Kelly Cho | Sónar has long been respected for its pioneering electronic music program and cutting-edge format, and connecting music to creativity and technology is precisely what makes it unique. This summer in Barcelona, Sónar marks its 25th anniversary. The second Hong Kong edition took place in March, and

What more natural place than Hong Kong to assume the role of Asia’s FinTech hub. Hong Kong has emerged as a global financial centre, having long acted as the capital formation centre for Mainland enterprises. Moreover, it will continue to benefit from its unique position as a “super-connector” between China

  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an increasingly controversial topic. This term often refers to when machines are ‘taught’ to understand concepts and implement actions accordingly. In computer science, AI is also known as ‘Intelligent Agent’. Programmed algorithms allow a maximum chance of success in attaining a certain goal. In this advanced

Startups rely heavily on new technologies and developers are key for their growth. Technologies are evolving rapidly and developers are the ones who can propose concrete and efficient solutions given the specificities of the startup. But the competition is harsh and you are not the only one looking for a

  The first year that I started working for myself I invested in beautiful holiday cards for my clients. I chose a nice snowy scene (but not too “Christmasy”) so not to exclude anyone. Most importantly, the cards featured my new logo. Once the cards arrived, filling them out proved to be

By Le Lan Anh | Agriculture has always been the backbone of Vietnam’s economy, with 50% of the population working in farming, and 70% of land area used for agricultural activities. Vietnam is contributing significantly to world food security as one of the top countries of exporting produce such as