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San Diego is a diverse community of people and talent. Typically known as destination for tourism, food, beer and over 70 miles of beaches, San Diego also thrives as a startup hub. The startup community includes high-tech,  biotech,  cleantech,  research,  medicine and defense industries. A growing segment of the startup scene

Tell us about Thin Ice, how did this project come about? Thin Ice is the very first, technology-enhanced weight-loss clothing line. It’s embedded with specialized cooling technology that tricks the body into thinking it is in a cold environment. The body response by revving up and generating more heat leading to

By Page Deng | Troubled by unusable foreign currencies remaining after every trip, my friend Eason Kuo and I decided to launch Addweup in 2016. The vision of Addweup is to provide financial services to help users around the world change cash into digital currency. Upon seeing the importance of FinTech

Slovenia’s capital city looks a bit like a postcard. Small and serene, Ljubljana is sprinkled with architectural remnants from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and a 12th century castle overlooking the city. The former Yugoslavian republic has become increasingly popular with tourists over the years, which flock from all over the world

Tell us about Pie. What inspired you to start this Company? In our previous jobs me and my co-founder were forced to use Lotus Notes. Often times we’d see entire teams secretly switch to WhatsApp instead. Interestingly people realized that this was not ideal. It‘s like using Hotmail for work. Problem is

By Steve Bruce | I ran another successful ‘Linkedin for Business’ workshops in Hong Kong where I live last week. One of the things that came out during the workshop was that many attendees didn’t know how to source powerful testimonials from happy clients, bosses and co-workers. In the workshop, I explained

The deadline for applications for the inaugural Supercharger FinTech accelerator is just days away. FinTech entrepreneurs have until 20 November to put forward their credentials to be part of the 12-week program. Those selected are promised assistance “…with company building, mentorship and advice in areas such as market entry, regulatory obligations and joint

By Maxine Ryan | Even with bitcoin’s popularity, the cryptocurrency is being replaced or not considered at all by payment businesses seeking to use blockchain technology. My company Bitspark – a cash-in, cash-out blockchain remittance platform – announced its surprising switch to next-generation blockchain Bitshares late last year after experiencing high

By Bas A. Fransen | In developing countries, deforestation and unsustainable farming is still common practice. In developed countries, companies need to become more sustainable by law and realize that being sustainable is good for talent management and the bottom line. Last but not least, consumers demand more transparency from companies regarding

Describe the founder in 50 words or less. I am the Co-founder and CEO of Lamplight Analytics and a market researcher by trade. I’ve held senior research positions in Asia, Europe and the Middle East as the Head of Research in North Asia for PR giant Edelman. I’m now leading Lamplight

By Elisa Harca and Eugene Lai | For some time now, AI has stimulated press coverage from all angles – how it will save us from more mundane tasks, how it will change the jobs of retail and service staff, how the advent of machines that can learn will herald

Press Release: Global workspace, community, and services company WeWork expands to Hong Kong to meet strong demand for collaborative workspace in Asia. The first WeWork site in Hong Kong will open in Causeway Bay in 2016 HONG KONG, 9 MAY 2016 – The global workspace, community, and services provider WeWork announces today

by Divya Samtani Welcome to the Connected Age. We live in a world that is now transparent and open-sourced, driven by the interdependency of behaviors and interconnectivity of events. Success is no longer dependent on cool technology or venture capital, but on whom you know and how you work with them.

By Divya Samtani | When it comes to success, it's all about the people. Whether you're on the hunt for talent, new ideas, or are simply open to learning new things, there is nothing more powerful than putting yourself in a position to constantly meet new people. In today's hyper-connected,

By Peyton Tian-Yan Ong | Running a startup can be overwhelming sometimes, thinking that you have to start everything from scratch. Worry no more. Thanks to an insightful talk given by MissMafia Co-founder and Googler Meredith Wallace, below are some helpful strategies and framework for you to take your business to

In the last couple of months, a flurry of big names in messaging – including Microsoft, Facebook, Kik and Line - announced they were opening up API access to their messaging platforms and creating “bot stores”. These high profile launches and the hundreds of millions of dollars being invested in

“‘If you can change fashion, you can change anything.’ This mantra has kept me focused when we started our social impact, upcycled and socially-sustainable fashion brand, BYT. One needs a tough backbone, resilient willpower and visionary insight as mental fuel when the hours are long, the task list even longer

Five days before the launch of my crowdfunding campaign on Next Chapter. I am feeling a mix of emotions; excitement, nervousness and relief. It all started in April this

By Zac Cheah, Co-founder & CEO of Pundi X |Obtaining Cryptocurrency Should Be As Easy As Buying Bottled Water Bitcoin, or cryptocurrency, is a security to some, while it's a utility to others. Essentially, crypto can have different roles depending on how they’re utilized. To the general trading public, it tends

By Angela Cheong | While technology, including FinTech, has transformed many aspects of the way we live, there are industries that have not seen the same rapid pace of change. One example is the money services industry, a legal term used by financial regulators to describe businesses that transmit or exchange

Choosing a city to start your company comes with many factors. An entrepreneur needs to consider cost of overhead, talent, funding opportunities, and other vital resources in the area to help the company grow. Detroit is a city emerging from a bankruptcy that offers a prime time for entrepreneurs to

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1024.0"] The Mileslife Team at the company’s Hong Kong launch event (Source: Mileslife) [/caption] There are few experiences more exhilarating in life than travel – unless it’s doing it for free, that is. Frequent business fliers and globetrotters often make this a reality by collecting

It is no longer a rare saying that the Internet-of-Things (IoT) is going to be our future. But still, we believe that the true potential of IoT has yet to be revealed fully. The concept of IoT had been introduced for more than two decades, however, we are not even

By Bay Mclaughlin | In honor of this edition of Jumpstart being about TravelTech, I’m going to share one of our biggest secrets at Brinc

by Eugene Feygin For many successful entrepreneurs, what matters most is the routine. Some entrepreneurs meditate. Some exercise. Some follow the same rigorous schedule in their office. The point is, the repetitive schedule helps them with their daily routine—so they don't have to sweat the small stuff and worry about the

By Shona Yang | In today’s digital age, a customer’s experience is the linchpin of any successful online service or product. Maintaining exceptional customer experience is challenging in light of shifting privacy regulations and growing competition. Chargebee is an automated billing and subscription software service that helps clients provide superior

By Bay McLaughlin| Brinc Invests in and helps to build connected hardware companies from around the world. Best known for our accelerator programs, we look for Founders who want to solve problems that pertain to How We Feel, Where We Live, What We Eat, and How We Move. The future of the

The first accessory of its kind, Bevel turns your ordinary smartphone or tablet into an amazing 3D camera. Tell us how Bevel came about, what inspired it? We as a society are at a pivotal point with technology. Matter and Form is just a small company, but we're all about 3D. So

By Peyton Ong | Innovative ideas can be quickly harnessed through a brainstorming session or even through random ‘aha’ moments, but are soon followed by thoughts like “I don’t have initial capital” or “I failed at previous fund-raising efforts”, driving potential Founders and Entrepreneurs to give up on their ideas.In the

Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick, just resigned from his post under the pressure of Uber's major investors. According to New York Times, Uber’s major investors demanded that the CEO step down. The investors included one of Uber’s biggest shareholders, the VC firm Benchmark. Over the year, Uber faced numerous scandals, including sexual harassments