Poloniex First Crypto Exchange To Allow Cosmos ICO Participants To Preview, Claim Atoms’ Balance

We wanted to pass along the latest news from Poloniex, the crypto exchange run by one of the world’s largest crypto finance companies, Circle.

Poloniex today became the only exchange to allow Cosmos ICO participants to preview and claim their Atoms’ balance. Cosmos itself aims to create a network of blockchains all capable of interacting with one another—which should solve many of the interoperability and scalability issues needed for blockchain applications to reach mainstream adoption. Atoms are the native token of the Cosmos Network.

You can learn more here.

This news follows a string of other events that demonstrate why Poloniex is one of the most innovative crypto exchanges:

  • Poloniex made a major systems upgrade that increased trading speeds by up to 10x
  • Poloniex was one of the first exchanges to list Grin, the privacy-focused cryptocurrency
  • Poloniex also committed to contributing, on a monthly basis, a portion of all transactions fees to support Grin development
  • Poloniex was the first exchange to list FOAM, a protocol empowering a consensus-driven map of the world

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