– Hong Kong’s pioneer coworking space delightfully sponsors 2016 Hong Kong Coffee Championships is proud to expand its innovative concept and the possibilities of coworking space further by sponsoring the coffee industry’s flagship event the 2016 Hong Kong Coffee Championships. Organized annually by Hong Kong Professional Coffee Association, the Hong Kong Coffee Championships selects outstanding coffee masters who will represent Hong Kong in international contests.
The 2016 Hong Kong Coffee Championships took place at from 18 to 21 August. provided the ideal venue for the event’s Judge Workshop, Brewers Cup Championship Qualifying Round, Latte Art Championship Qualifying Round and Barista Championship Qualifying Round. Those from the industry, including coffee shop owners, coffee and coffee-related product suppliers, and coffee artists, together with coffee lovers, came to to witness the art and technical skills of the contestants, and be inspired by the fun, multi-functional free-flow living workspace of’s founders Theo Cheung and Jackel Cheung also shared the excitement and cheered for the contestants at the final rounds held from 6 to 8 September at Restaurant and Bar Hong Kong 2016.

hkbc-54 delivers an interactive community where its members can exchange and collaborate to explore opportunities and possibilities, and at the same time, be engaged and inspired by’s creative aura. is synonymous with the life and work attitude of tomorrow.

Theo remarks, “The mission of is to innovate and transform the work culture and environment. This is comparable to the professionalism of coffee experts, who put in creativity and improve their techniques continuously to raise the quality of their coffee. Since and coffee professionals share the same values, we hope to show our support for them and the coffee industry. We admire their passion for coffee perfection. They enjoy their work, and that makes work meaningful and fun.  Their attitude exactly lives out’s ‘Work is Fun’ concept.”


Jackel agrees, “At, our members can relax as they are being energized, just like sipping a cup of refreshing coffee. We highly value this opportunity of sponsoring the 2016 Hong Kong Coffee Championships. Coffee lovers and coffee professionals gathered here at to appreciate the fine art of coffee while experiencing the work-life balance found at, where work and leisure are compatibly harmonious.”

The fact is has a café that provides freshly brewed coffee made by baristas. Members of can enjoy a revitalizing moment over an aromatic coffee during work. is fond of the coffee culture and sponsoring the 2016 Hong Kong Coffee Championships is seen as an ideal way to let their members gain more knowledge about coffee and help develop the culture of coffee in Hong Kong. This is a good manifestation of how members of the community share and gain, savor the FUN in work and life and prosper together.

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