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Sleep better with Pegasi – An Interview

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Global Sources 2017 April Pegasi

Global Sources 2017 April PegasiPegasi is one of the exhibitors at Global Sources Startup Launchpad (Spring Edition).Let’s see what they have in store for us!

Can you tell us more about your product and how it works?

Pegasi is a pair of smart glasses designed to help improve your sleep and health. Acting as a form of deep sleep therapy, Pegasi glasses help improve the quality of sleep. A unique blue light emitting from the glasses affects the secretion of melatonin and cortisol. During the day, the blue light decreases melatonin and increases cortisol, acting as an alternative form of coffee. It helps reduce weariness and makes you feel more refreshed and focused, improving general work efficiency in the day. In the morning, you only need to wear the glasses for 25 minutes for one time and the glasses will automatically switch off. At night, the secretion of melatonin will increase and cortisol will decrease. This can shorten the time needed to fall asleep, improve sleep quality and help develop a healthier work and sleep cycle.

From the feedback from our customers, we know that the Pegasi glasses help improve sleep quality and has helped solve insomnia.


Pegasi Smart Sleep Glasses

What was the inspiration behind Pegasi?

Our founder’s mother has serious insomnia. In order to help his mother solve her problem, our founder cooperated with his classmate – a PhD in the John Hopkins University, and published a thesis about how light adjusts the biorhythm by ipRGC on the Nature journal. This paper became the backbone and key principle of the product we have today.


What makes your product unique from your competitors?

Global Sources 2017 April Pegasi 2Currently, we only have two competitors in the global market. Our product, however, is unique. In terms of our design, the glasses are sleek and simple. Our glasses match with a bracelet and an app that keeps track of your sleeping quality throughout the night. We provide customized and personalize sleep optimization service to the customers. Our target markets now are North America, Europe and Asia.

What’s next for Pegasi?

As our next step, we are looking to release the second generation of Pegasi glasses and Pegasi smart pillow.

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