We have several unique opportunities for small businesses and small business providers. Here’s a short description of each.


If you have an interesting product or service and want to engage the Jumpstart community, we would be happy to promote it via our newsletter and/or Facebook page. To date, we’d done giveaways from Znozz sleep lounge and VIP tickets to a Fashion Show. More giveaways coming soon! Contact our team to discuss details.

Small Business Service Providers

Jumpstart Magazine is building out a Small Business Services group is inviting reputable companies that service this sector to participate in this program.

In order to qualify for the partnership, your business must be:

  • Hong Kong-based

  • Be in business for at least 1 year and have been a professional in your industry for at least 7 years

  • Offer a service beneficial to startups and small businesses such as Marketing, Design, Programming, Legal Services etc.

  • Have a good reputation in the Hong Kong community

  • Abide by all the marketing/legal laws of Hong Kong (i.e. don’t participate in black-hat SEO or any other unethical and illegal practices)