OWN Academy Launches Internship Placement Program

Hong Kong –OWN Academy piloted their first high school internship placement program during summer of 2018 – successfully placing ten students with diverse industries spanning from Fashion, Health and Fitness, NGOs, Media, Publishing, Arts & Culture. Now the innovative education company is officially launching their internship placement and year-long work experience program starting summer 2019. With an ambitious goal of matching 100 + talented high school and university students from China, Hong Kong, UK and US with different companies in various industries.

The Internship Placement program is just a part of a bigger vision. OWN Academy aims to build a platform that will help companies discover young potentials ages 16-22 years old. In hopes of democratizing access to opportunities for young, proactive students, this program will act as an initial thrust for their career.

As for companies, either coming from seasoned industries or nascent start-ups, this is a chance to discover the next generation’s talented individuals with real potential. In partnership with Jumpstart, OWN Academy is currently looking for different levels of engagement from their partners; from one-time event speaker to mentors who can co-create training class with OWN Academy to share skills and knowledge.

Be a speaker at OWN Future Fair

OWN Future Fair is a student speaker series, where inspiring young individuals in different fields of work will share about their own experiences and provide practical tips for students. These creatives, entrepreneurs and professionals will give insights on Data Science, Fashion, Technology, Film, Health & Fitness, and other areas.

Be a mentor to nurture passionate student Offer apprenticeship and internship to young talents Co-create a class/training to share your skills and knowledge

IN RETURN: We will find you the best intern fit for FREE Gain exposure for your company through promotions with our events and social media

Join now and be part of OWN Academy’s network!

About OWN Academy OWN Academy’s mission is to bring young individuals closer to real-world opportunities by connecting them to a secure network of mentors, apprenticeship and internship opportunities.

Our innovative education system hopes to act as a foundation for students ages 16-18 years old, which we believe is a critical age when deciding a career path to follow. These young individuals need to gain fitting experiences that will direct them to a lifetime career of their choice.

OWN Academy believes in their student to learn with a purpose and to aim for a proactive career network. Finally, OWN students should live a lifestyle that seeks for self-actualization.

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