Startups: Optimize your Free Shipping Messaging

Free shipping is one of the most popular (and well-converting) promotions on the internet. It can make a difference between a potential consumer proceeding to the check-out or leaving your site to purchase a similar product elsewhere.
If you are a startup or a small business that offers free shipping, how can you optimize your messaging? Here are a few tips.

  1. Don’t hide your free shipping policy

We looked at websites of dozens of companies that ship to Hong Kong and many that offer free shipping shy away from featuring this information on their homepage (or above the fold). In some cases this information does not appear anywhere on the website.

If you offer free shipping, be sure this is messaged clearly on your website and that this information appears above the fold on the homepage and all other pages and is clearly explained in shipping and returns link that often appears on the footer of the website.

Some examples of free shipping implementation:

You can’t miss free shipping information on

fishpond free shipping

Free shipping is a bit harder to spot on (see top right). The font is too small.

jcrew free shipping

Whenever there’s an asterisk on free shipping (*), it means there are caveats to the free shipping offer which can make it less appealing to consumers.

free shipping asos

Nice implementation of free shipping messaging on Emerald Green Baby

Emerald Green Baby


There are a number of media companies (Little Steps, Sassy Mama, Jumpstart etc) in Hong Kong that post lists of businesses that ship for free from time to time. You can easily identify these lists by googling queries like “free shipping hong kong” and contact these companies to be added to their list. Most would be happy to do so.

Here are a few lists to get you started:

3. Add your shipping policy to your social media channels 

Be sure that your policy is clearly displayed on your Social Media channels. For instance, you can add it to your long description on Facebook page and on you Facebook banner. You can also post about your policy on Twitter/Facebook and other channels from time to time.

4. Add your free shipping policy to Facebook threads and forums

Some popular Facebook pages, like Hong Kong Moms, occasionally has threads about companies that ship for free. Look through the old lists and add yourself. Be on the lookout for new lists.


You can search old Facebook threads on top right corner as seen below.


5. Be competitive

Do businesses in your vertical have high free shipping minimums? Reduce your minimum to make your business more compelling to new customers. If you can’t afford to do it all the time, offer 100% free shipping on special occasions or offer free shipping to loyal customers only.



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