Thursday, June 4, 2020 As Co-Host In PropTeq Asia 2018 Sharing How Tech-Enabled Property Agency Disrupts The Market

1 November was honored to be invited to Co-Host for the PropTeq Asia 2018 event on 30th October 2018 in Cyberport. Our Business Development Director, Mr. Benny Hui shared his journey having been in 3 Proptech startups since 2012 including a Singapore real estate data company, a Hong Kong real estate marketplace and now a tech-empowered agency,

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During the event, Mr. Hui described how is disrupting the traditional real estate agency industry with its innovative business model and proprietary mobile agent platform.  These have fuelled’s growth from 5 agents to 100+ within 5 years.

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Some participants were keen to know if technology and AI will eventually replace real estate agents in the future. Mr. Hui’s perspective is that real estate decisions are among the biggest decisions people make in their lives. This is true for investments (likely the largest investment someone will ever make), or leasing (where they and their family will live).  Because of this, people will always want guidance and expertise, and that the role of agents should not be as door-openers but active, trusted advisors.This is why agentless platforms have failed repeatedly around the world, ever since the internet came along.

It was a lively event discussing many new Proptech ideas, with over 50 participants attending and looking forward more Proptech events to be held in Hong Kong in the future.

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