Oath Summit 2018 Predicting The Future Of Advertising Technology

Oath Hong Kong Launches The New “Brand AI” Digital Advertising Strategy Oath’s Chief Scientist Niklas Karlsson Predicts That AI Will Significantly Increase ROI// Yahoo TV Hoonie Program Producer In Taiwan Bull Hsu Expounds The Virtual Celebrity Trend In Japan And Taiwan// Local Startup Origami Labs Shares The Inspiration Behind The TechCrunch Disrupt SF Startup Battlefield

Hong Kong, November 6, 2018 – Oath Summit 2018 was held today with keynote speakers giving inspiring speeches at the conference, predicting a number of future advertising technology trends. Oath’s Chief Scientist Niklas Karlsson predicts that AI advertising technologies such as AdLearn technology and Predictive Audiences, will help brands significantly improve the ROI of advertising campaigns; Yahoo TV Hoonie program producer Bull Hsu introduces virtual celebrity Hoonie, who stirred a storm in Taiwan and Japan, and the virtual KOL phenomenon, first time in Hong Kong; and local startup Origami Labs have also shared their courage to TechCrunch Disrupt SF Startup Battlefield and their experience being in the top 5 finalist of the competition.

Rico Chan, Managing Director, Oath Hong Kong, Japan & INSEA said, “Today I am very pleased to annouce Oath’s new ‘Brand AI’ digital advertising strategy. ‘Brand AI’ stands for “Brand Advertising Intelligence” and it represents three irreplaceable core values of Oath’s advertising solutions, including Oath’s more than 30 media and technology brands that matter to users; the world-leading advertising technology, and the power of our unique data. With the ‘Brand AI’ framework, combined with our local expertise, infotainment on the Yahoo Hong Kong network, video content and live-streamed programs, Oath continues to connect brands and reach out to the most targeted audience, enabling more advertisers and partners to capitalize the benefits of our word-class AI technology through ‘Brand AI’ and Oath Ad Platforms. With trusted data, premium content, innovative digital advertising experience and industry-leading procedural algorithms, the efficiency of digital marketing will be greatly enhanced.”

AI shining through in advertising technology in the future

Oath’s Chief Scientist Niklas Karlsson predicted in the keynote speech, that AI would definitely make its mark in advertising technology in the future. He said, “Predictive Audiences is one of the highlighted feature in the Oath Ad Platforms. It is so powerful, that thanks to our 30 scientists, half of who have doctoral backgrounds in various disciplines such as electrical engineering, mathematics, big data, research, information science and many more. With its laser-focus on Conversion, this new AI feature not only anchors the target consumer groups, but it will also select the ones who have the higher potential to convert or to purchase. From an advertiser’s point of view, ROI can be expected to increase significantly. On the other hand, using AI technology can provide more in-depth insights or provide more precise projections, which greatly assist advertisers to make decisions on planning and budget allocations. “

The rise of the virtual celebrity

Bull Hsu, Yahoo TV Hoonie Program Producer in Taiwan, aka “Father of Hoonie”, shared with audiences at the “Oath Summit 2018” in Hong Kong for the first time today, on his creation of Hoonie, a virtual celebrity, and the daily challenges he faces when producing the programs. He said, “Virtual celebrity is a brand new digital experience and technology. Compared with the real-life Tuber, a virtual celebrity needs to acquire a distinctive characteristic and personality. It also inherits the style of a 2-dimensional character that can be able to conduct real time interactions, and not just conforming to the world on the screen. The virtual celebrity trend is still pretty much at the beginning in Taiwan. However in the future, Oath Taiwan will be strengthening the application of AR/VR technology to enhance user experience.”

With Bull’s natural curiosity on matters, he devoted himself in producing Hoonie program across an array of topics, staging Hoonie as a key influencer in Taiwan and Japan. Bull has successfully converted an experimental project into a trendy, prosperous and creative virtual KOL program. Hoonie is now Taiwan’s first virtual celebrity, and was first released in early July as a short online video. It quickly became a massive hit in Japan and its success has reached Taiwanese shores. It is currently ranked 127th in the world and has culminated about 30,000 followers on online social platforms. The monthly number of viewers is about 50,000, with half coming from Japan.

“Oath Summit 2018” was held today at The Mira Hong Kong, and is one of the largest digital marketing conferences in Hong Kong. The conference brought together a group of outstanding brands and marketing professionals, inspiring more innovative campaigns in the future by sharing their outstanding digital creativities.

About Oath

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In Hong Kong, Oath will continue to deliver digital services through Yahoo Hong Kong, which include Yahoo TV, News, Mail, Search, Shopping, Finance, Sports and Entertainment. We strive to serve users and advertisers, and we also offer e-commerce solution for enterprises. For more information on Oath Hong Kong, please visit http://pressroom-yahoohk.tumblr.com/ or https://www.oath.com.

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