New platform changes the way parents pick activities for their children

KidHop, an online activity-booking service for parents, launches a new platform that allows young children to explore with complete freedom.
March 2017 – KidHop was created by – and for – moms of young children. Like many moms, our co-founder Zoe Fung wanted to expose her 3 year old son to different experiences so that he could have fun, discover his passions, and maybe even uncover his talents. The challenge was how to give her child access to numerous activities when almost every activity required long-term commitments with fixed schedules.

Between the ages of zero to six, children are beginning to develop their own personality. They’re developing preferences of what they like and don’t like. That’s why it’s so important for children to have choice. KidHop offers that choice. But more than that, it gives them the flexibility to continue or try something else. After all, few parents can truly predict what their child will want to do next.

“KidHop is solving a real pain point for parents,” says Lisa Koh, Head of Partnership at KidHop and the mother of a 2 year old. “We moved to Hong Kong 7 months ago, and it was an extremely frustrating experience to search for quality things to do with my daughter. I would spend hours trawling through the internet, researching about classes, and making reservations until I found what seems to be the most popular and reputable education center. Just 3 lessons into the 12-weeks program, she wanted to try something else, and we never went back.”

KidHop partners with over 50 premium activity providers throughout Hong Kong Island to provide parents with no-commitment single-class activities each week. With a KidHop membership, parents can choose from a range of dance, art, sports, language and other fun and educational opportunities for their developing children. As well, membership provides access to admissions seminars, carnivals and other great community events. With three plans to choose from, KidHop is making fun and exploration accessible for every family.


A launch event will be hosted by KidHop and their partners on the 29-30 April 2017 at the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

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