NE Systems Asia Offers Asian Data Roaming SIM Cards

NE Systems Asia Offers Asian Data Roaming SIM Cards.
Hong Kong SAR July 25, 2016 – NE Systems Asia provides Asian data roaming SIM cards and recharge packages to travelers in Asia by using Mobile Internet services.

Our aim is simply to provide data roaming at reasonable prices in Southeast Asia. We have already achieved this in several countries and we are pushing for similar rates for the rest of the region. NE Systems Asia Director Paul Reed stated, “We feel strongly that this data roaming services will benefit travelers by offering affordable and reliable data roaming services”.

NE Systems Asia is a ‘total solutions provider’ offering expertise from software development through to network and cloud services. This is its first venture into the mobile data market.

For further information, visit

NE Systems Asia

Office: +852 62950161

Units A-C, 25/F, Seabright Plaza

North Point, Hong Kong

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